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3 Quick Ways to Get rid of Inflamed Pimples Overnight

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Tomorrow there is an important event in the office or the first date with geing, but suddenly appeared pimples?

How to cope with the most potent acne usually should be used medicine doctors like tetracycline, doxycycline, and interactions However, the effects of new drugs can be seen in a few days after being worn. 

Then, is there a quick way to remove red pimples only overnight?
What causes inflamed red acne?

Inflamed red pimples are initiated when excess sebum passes through the skin follicle wall.
Inside the pores, the sebum is mixed with dead skin cells and then causes the clogged pores. 

It allows acne bacteria to thrive, while the remnants of free radicals will damage the tissues that cause inflammation and redness of the skin.

If the acne does not swell into an infection, the redness will disappear on its own. But it can take a while, with or without treatment.

What are the quick ways of eliminating acne inflamed overnight?

There are some quick and simple but effective ways to eliminate inflamed acne overnight. Curious to try? Let's see the following explanation.

1. Compress with ice cubes

If tomorrow there is an important event, this night compression acne with ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth.

Ice cubes Compress is the most fast way to eliminate inflamed pimples.

After that, let stand for a few minutes. Repeat until redness is reduced. Make sure you don't press too tight, as it can hurt acne and cause bacteria to attack that part.

2. Use aspirin

Aspirin is not only for treating headaches, but it can also reduce redness on the pimples.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which can exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation.

In order to quickly remove acne, the way of using aspirin is by stroing it first into two and gerus until smooth to become powder.

Dissolve with 1-2 drops of clean water until a paste, then apply on the pimples. 

Paste the plaster to protect it and let stand for 30 minutes.

3. Use toothpaste

You must have been familiar with this one way. Many people say that toothpaste can quickly eliminate acne because it contains silica. 

Silica is an active substance that helps dry acne.
However, do not use toothpaste that contains menthol or flouride. 

These two ingredients can make the skin prone to irritation, causing more acne to appear.

It is important to remember that these three quick ways of eliminating acne do not actually complete the root of the problem. 

These are only limited to relieving swelling and eliminating their freedom. You need to treat your pimples as early as possible to prevent scars.

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