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Acne Probably Appear in the femininity Area! Danger or not?

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No matter how much you care to keep your skin clean, acne has its own unique way of appearing at the worst of times — and sometimes, in the most unexpected places.

On the face, on the back, on the chest, and even in the vagina. Pimples on vagina may happen to many women. 

What, anyway, which is the cause? And that is mainly, how to treat acne in the vagina? Read more here.

Why can pimples appear in the vagina?

Just like facial acne, acne in the vagina (more precisely in the vulva area, the outermost of the genitals that can be seen by the naked eye) is the inflammation of the skin caused by the resulting pores of the natural oil excess skin, skin cells Death, and bacterial growth. 

This inflammation of the skin then grows into a acne-filled star. Acne in the vagina can also arise due to hormonal changes and severe stress.

Another common cause of acne in the vagina is folliculitis, which is infection and swelling of the hair follicles. 

Folliculitis can occur due to shaving; Ingrown hairs; Wearing tight panties, or clothing that rubs the skin; Or follicles that are blocked or irritated by sweat or skin care products (femininity soap, for example).

Causes of acne in more serious vagina

In certain cases, acne in the Initim area can be caused by certain health conditions, such as Acne inversa (Hydradenitis suppurativa) and Molluscontagiosum.

Acne Inversa is a chronic skin inflammation that affects the sweat glands in the groin and under the breasts. 

Acne inversa is characterized by recurrent acne spots that are painful and contain pus. 

The difference with the usual acne, acne inversa pimples are not easily cured and can leave scars. 

According to the Hydradenitis Suppurativa Foundation, the disease is owned by 4 percent of the world's population.

Meanwhile, Mollussex Contagiosum is a genital disease caused by viral infections characterized by the appearance of acne-like ulcers that can occur anywhere on the body, including the vaginal area. 

The difference with regular acne, Mollusca acne is usually smaller but prominent, and colorless meat. Acne Mollusca can also be shaped like a pearl and has a dimple at its center.

How to treat acne in the vagina?

Acne in the vagina in general is harmless and can be treated like pimples on other body parts. 

As with acne on the face, do not try to squeeze pimples that arise near the vagina or the vulva, as this can cause the infection to become worse. Instead, compress the affected areas in warm lukewarm waslaps to narrow the inflammation.

Dr. Michele Farber of Schweiger Dermatology, quoted from She Knows, advises you to wash off the acne-breakouts with soap that contains benzoyl peroxide, both as a tool of treatment as well as acne prevention. 

With a note, gently wipe off the skin of the keratin (the thicker and hairy parts of the skin) and avoid rubbing the soap on the mucous shell (the soft part inside the vaginal lips). 

Also be sure to avoid cleaning products that contain irritant material, such as sulphate, glycerin, paraben, phthalate, soybean gluten, or dairy.

Although acne in the vagina is usually not a big problem, but beware if the numbers appear numerous or repetitive or persistent. 

The best thing you can do is consult your obstetrician about your acne problem. 

The doctor can ascertain whether the lump in the vaginal area is actually a boils due to genital disease or just the usual acne from the buildup of dirt.

How to prevent popping pimples on vagina

To avoid the emergence of new acne  in the intimate area, always prioritize the cleanliness of the vagina and keep the vulva area to be dry.

 Quickly change the underwear with new ones after sweating from the day's activities or exercising.

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