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3 Foods That Can Make Oily Skin


Oily skin is one of the facial problems that sometimes makes confidence decrease. 

In addition to the wrong skin care, there are also other causes that can make the skin become oil shiny. 

Yes, there are indeed some foods that cause oily skin. 

These foods can encourage oil production on your face. 

What types of foods cause oily skin?

First know the causes of oily skin

Generally, each skin has oil glands and sebum whose function is to remove oil in the pores of the skin. 

Actually oil on the skin is also not always bad presence. 

This is because the oil on the skin serves to protect and moisturize facial skin.

In addition, the causes of oily facial skin include unbalanced hormones, genetics or heredity, stress, and the use of cosmetics that are wrong or unsuitable.

What foods cause oily skin?

1. White rice and oats

Rice and white wheat (like wheat flour) generally contain fiber which is good for the body. 

Unfortunately, when processed for processing, many of these two food sources lose fiber and nutrients.

Rice and white wheat also contain high glycemic index which will affect your blood sugar. 

Well, there have been many studies that reveal that foods high in glycemic can make the skin produce excess oil and acne. 

To reduce the glycemic index, replace white rice with brown rice and choose bread made from whole wheat.

2. Sugary food

Sugary foods and contain sugar, of course, also have high glycemic levels.

According to Lela Altman, a doctor from the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, to avoid oily skin you should eat less sugary foods.

Altman suggests adopting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber with low sugar levels such as cane sugar and corn syrup, as a natural way to prevent acne. 

Reduce sugary foods such as sweets, cakes and other snacks.

Eat foods with natural sweeteners such as fruit, sweet potatoes, mangoes and apples. 

Fruit smoothies and water with lemon are alternative healthy drinks that you can consume.

3. Fat

Fatty food is common enough to cause oily skin and zits. 

But there are other good sources of good fats that can control the bad fats that cause acne to appear. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are good fats that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Consuming more omega-3 fatty acids can reduce foods that contain saturated fat. 

That's why the body will be much healthier and will help you have acne-free skin even if you have oily skin. 

You can eat healthy fatty food sources such as avocados, fish, nuts and seeds.

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