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5 Types of vegetables for breastfeeding mothers for good quality breast milk

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Adequate nutritional needs are not only needed for mothers during pregnancy, but also after breastfeeding the child.

From a variety of important nutritional sources, one that shouldn't be missed is vegetables.

Because, vegetables contain a variety of essential nutrients needed by mothers and infants.

So, for the smooth breast milk, what kind of vegetables should be eaten by mothers?

This vegetable option can make the production of breast milk smoothly

Just like when pregnant, your nutritional needs as a nursing mother is also not less large, because to meet the needs of infants and themselves.

Therefore, it is important that you always strive to meet the nutritional needs for smooth and quality breast milk.

Not only that, so that the MILK is smooth there are certain food sources that should be consumed by mothers, one of them from vegetables.

Here are some of the best vegetable options for mothers breastfeeding for the smooth breast milk:

1. Spinach

If you have previously experienced bleeding after childbirth, eating iron sources of food such as spinach can be the solution.

Not without reason, because spinach is believed to be effective to increase the body's iron levels thanks to its high nutrient content.

This also continues in the lactation. Some types of dark leafy green vegetables, including spinach, contain rich nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, as well as vitamin C which is good for mothers and infants.

In fact, the antioxidant content in spinach is believed to be low in calories and healthy heart.

In addition, the phytoestrogens in spinach have a positive effect on the smooth production of breast milk.

2. Garlic

In addition to the taste of the flavor of a dish, garlic is also included one of the best sources of Galactagogue, which is a compound that can make breast milk smoothly.

Although some people argue that if often eat garlic, then the smell of onions can affect breast milk.

The fact is not always, because any food you eat will not interfere with the natural flavor of breast milk.

Uniquely, a study showed that eating garlic helps babies to eat longer.

3. Carrot

The carrot has a bright and beautiful orange color.

Vegetables that are well-known for their healthy eyes, are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin K, and potassium.

Beta carotene is a natural antioxidant in carrot that is needed during lactation.

That's why, for smooth and good quality breast milk, you can rely on carrots as a vegetable that must be in the daily menu.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli belongs to other dark green vegetables, just like spinach.

This one vegetable is also believed to facilitate the production of breast milk, because it has been supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and manganese.

Most importantly, the high content of folic acid in broccoli plays a role in assisting the development of healthy brain and spinal cord in infants.

The phytoestrogens that are no less good in broccoli are found to have positive effects on breast milk production.

5. Katuk Leaf

Katukleaves  orstar gooseberry (Sauropusandrogynusin)are well-known thanks to its popularity in improving breast milk production.

This is evidenced by the publication of Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Health, which states that administering Katuk leaf extract in nursing mothers is able to multiply while launching breast milk production, rather than Breastfeeding mothers who do not get katuk leaf extract.

The content in the Katuk leaves increases milk production and also gives you and the little important nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and others.

In essence, it is important to always eat healthy foods during lactation. The goal is not just to allow your body to perform its tasks optimally, but also to get your heart's good nutrients to grow.

In addition to eating vegetables, you can also fulfill the nutritional needs by eating fruits, healthy fats, grains, and other healthy food sources for good quality of breast milk.

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