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5 ways to remove mustache safely and effectively for women

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Not only men who have hair on the lips. 

Women also often have it. However unlike men, the woman's mustache is usually more subtle looking thin. 

Nor is it like a man who considers a mustache as a sign of manliness, women instead consider it very disturbing appearance. 

Then it's no wonder many women are looking for 1001 ways to remove mustache on her face.

How to remove a safe and effective lady mustache

Relieving mustache in women in principle is actually the same as men. 

However, women need to be more cautious because the mustache tends to be thinner.

Here are various ways you can try at home:

1. Wear Razors

Shaving is the easiest and most affordable way to remove hair in the upper lip. You can use a regular or electric razor.

Before shaving the mustache, moisten the skin by using soap or shaving cream. 

Do not forget to clean the first knife before use. Do not use blunt or rusty razors.

After applying the mustache area with the cream, take the direction of the hair growth. Do not with the rubbing motion, but drag and drop the lift then re-from the hair growing direction.

Don't forget to pull your upper lip slightly down so that the skin tightened. This will facilitate the process of resizing and the results are more clean.

2. Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream products are usually safe to use for sensitive facial skin, including upper lip.

This cream is a very alkaline solution and is able to break the protein bonds in the hair to make it soluble.

That way, the hair in the upper area of the lips becomes easier to fall.

Apply cream to the upper lip skin according to instructions of use. Then, let stand for a few minutes and rinse afterwards.

Using cream becomes a way to remove mustache in women that is easy but the effect is not long. The reason is, the cream does not remove the hair up to the roots so it can easily grow back.

To avoid skin irritation, be sure to perform an allergy test first. Apply this cream to the other skin area before applying it to the top of the lips.

3. Using tweezers

Using tweezers can also be a way to remove mustache in women that are quite effective.

Tweezers are small tongs to pluck delicate hairs that grow on the skin and are hard to eradicate by razors. By using tweezers, the hair will usually be lifted up to its roots.

This method is suitable for removing hair in areas that are not too wide.

Before removing the whiskers, clean the skin first. Then, use a clean tweezers to remove the hair sheet from the upper lip by:

1. Hold the skin down by pulling the upper lip towards the bottom
2. Hairpin with tweezers and drag as the hair grows
3. Rinse the skin area where hair is washed with cold water
4. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the way to remove the lady mustache by using electric current.

This method is done by placing a small needle in the hair follicle to destroy the hair roots with the help of electric current.

This damage helps prevent hair to grow back. Therefore, this one procedure is recommended for those who want to remove hair permanently.

Electrolysis is suitable for use in sensitive areas of the skin such as upper lips. Usually care needs to be repeated for several times until the hair is completely gone.

5. Laser hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove whiskers or hair over the lips.

During this procedure, the doctor will use a laser light concentrated on the follicle to destroy the hair.
Laser hair removal is not a permanent method but the result can last for several months.

Usually you 2-6 times treatment to remove the mustache.

Be sure to perform this procedure at the clinic with a trusted therapist to avoid the risk of skin damage.

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