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Choice of medical and natural medicines for children who are diarrhea

Diarrhea can affect anyone, including small children. Children with diarrhea will often go back and forth CHAPTERS with flabby or liquid feces. Common diarrhea occurs due to infections that attack the child's digestive system at the time of their endurance. This condition can end in danger if the child is not given proper care and medication. What are the medications and treatments when diarrhea is appropriate for the child?

Choice of diarrhea medication for small children
There are basically 3 important points that must be obeyed to treat diarrhea in children, which is 1) rehydration (restoring the lost fluid); 2) provide a zinc supplement; 3) Continuing feeding.

1. Liquid Ors
Rehydration to restore the lost body fluids can give the child drink the oralit.  Parents can give the Ors when the child's feces diarrhea begins to dilute and watery.

Dilute and liquid feces can cause children to be dehydrated. Dehydration can also be marked when the urine of the child during urination appears less than usual.

Well, ORS can help replenish the body fluid and electrolyte levels of the child is lost. The oralit is a liquid containing water, sugar, and salt. Oralit can be purchased at the pharmacy as a diarrhea medication for children. A Racikors based on the packaging instructions.

For infants, give 60-120 ML of the liquid Ors after the chapter. You can also continue to provide breast milk, in addition to using an ORS medication for babies who are diarrhea. While for children over 1 year, give 120-240 ML of liquid ors after bowel movements.

Please note: Do not give the drug as the only liquid that enters the child's body within the first 6 hours. Coupled with mineral water and other foods containing calories to give the child sufficient energy.

2. Zinc Supplements
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia advised parents to provide zinc supplements to help recovery of children's diarrhea. Zinc supplements as a diarrhoea medication for children can be purchased at pharmacies.

Zinc administration proved to reduce the severity of diarrhea symptoms and help children heal faster. The statement was also described by a study in the Journal of the Indian Journal of Pharmacology in 2011. The results of the study showed that the administration of zinc supplement along with the solution of the orchestra could reduce the duration of diarrhea sick children.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommends parents to provide children with zinc supplements at a dose of 20 mg every day for 10-14 days to cope with acute diarrhea. However if the age of the child is still under 6 months, give 10 mg of zinc supplements per day during diarrhea.

The administration of zinc supplements also aims to prevent children from returning diarrhea in the next 2-3 months.

3. Food is easy to digest
Children's digestion that diarrhea is still inflamed so it can not work hard to process food well.

Therefore, parents are advised to provide children with carbohydrate and high calorie diet, but low in fiber. This type of food will be easier and faster to digest. Carbohydrate and calorie intake helps to increase the child's body energy.

If the child is aged 0-6 months, continue to give breast milk when it is diarrhea. If it is 6 months old and above, also give breast milk and also a food support that is mashed breast milk.

Here are some good foods consumed for children with diarrhea:
White rice

Rice contains simple carbohydrates that can restore your child's energy during diarrhea. In addition, white rice is also low in fiber so easily digestible by the child's stomach

Mashed apples

Apple puree can be a source of energizing the body when diarrhea strikes your child. Apples also have pectin content that helps condense the stool of children.


Just like apples, bananas can be a drug of diarrhea for children who can already eat BREAST feeding support.

Bananas contain pectin which serves to make the texture of the feces more dense. Do not forget also the content of carbohydrates in bananas can add energy when the child looks weak as a result of continuing to waste water.

Do not provide antidiarrhea medication for children

So, according to Hospital Care for Children, a health website of the cooperation of various children's health institutes and hospitals from Australia, UK, Kenya and WHO.

The site of Hospital Care for Children, antidiarrheal medication does not prevent dehydration nor improve child nutrition. Treatment of diarrhea for children can instead risk causing dangerous side effects, even fatal.

You should consult a pediatrician regarding the use of diarrhea medication for your child.

Other diarrhea treatments at home
1. Drink plenty of fluids
While giving the child to drink the Oralit, it is also a fluid intake from other sources. Because when diarrhea, body fluids will continue to be wasted a lot out with feces.

The fluids that you can provide can be mineral water, fresh fruit juice without sugar (for example, apple juice), and also food in gravy. You can give food that is not spicy and not oily like warm chicken soup, tomato soup, or spinach vegetable.

Rehydration also with breast milk if your child is still breastfeeding. Still give breast milk more often and longer than usual, in addition to the occasional treatment of the Ors solution using a spoon.

If diarrhea has ceased, continue the exclusive breast milk according to the age of the child.

2. Probiotic Foods and drinks
Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can fight off bad bacteria in the digestive system. Probiotics can be found in fermented foods and beverages.

Parents can give food or drink probiotics as a natural remedy for diarrhea in children.

One of the food or probiotic drinks that a child can eat is yogurt. For children over 1 year old, give 2-6 ounces (60 to 180 ml) of yogurt twice a day.

It is not known to be safe or whether to provide yogurt as a natural diarrhea remedy for infants younger than 1 year old. You can consult a pediatrician for further clarification.

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