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Do you often eat instant noodles every day, Caution, it impacts your body!

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Instant noodles are often a mainstay of hunger retaining menu when we don't have time to eat.

Besides tasty and easy way to make it, the price for instant noodle bowl is relatively cheap.

That's why many people love to eat instant noodles.

Not even a few people make instant noodles as their compulsory food every day.

Even so, eating instant noodles every day is not good for health.

Nutritional content in instant noodles

Before actually knowing the impact of eating instant noodles every day, less good taste if you do not understand what is the nutrient content in one instant noodle wrap.

Instant noodles are actually solid in carbohydrates, but the content of fiber and protein, vitamins, and minerals is relatively minimal.

In addition, one pack of instant noodles is also a spice containing MSG and sodium salt.

Approximately 1,700 mg of sodium will go into your body right after it has finished spending a serving of instant noodles.

This amount has enough to 85 percent of your daily salt needs from recommended constraints.

So, what are the dangers of eating instant noodles every day?

After knowing the nutrients that exist in instant noodles, perhaps you can now start to guess what risks you can show up if you're a hobby of eating instant noodles every day.

Instant noodles can be said to be a minimal nutritious meal, and perhaps there can be no nourishment at all. So, you can say that this favorite food is not able to adequately meet your nutritional needs in a day.

Plus, instant noodles are very high in calories from flour carbohydrates and also high in sodium salts. Most foods eat high in calories and high in salt already proven by many studies can have a bad impact for health in the long term. Ranging from weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, to heart disease.

Minimize its portions
The danger of eating instant noodles every day shouldn't you be a shovel. But that does not mean it should not be consumed at all.

If you are accustomed to eating instant noodles every day, start reducing the portions slowly but surely. Or if you want to be healthier, you can add pieces of vegetables as a complement to your instant noodle dish.

It is advisable to balance also by reproducing healthy food and nutritious variative, such as fruits and vegetables, to maintain the health of the body.

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