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Easy guide to using nasal spray medications

For those of you who have sinusitis, inflammation of the nasal area (rhinitis) or allergy, you may be able to try using a special spray tool that is included.

Usually, aerosols are trusted when the nose begins to block. Well, how to use the correct nasal spray?

Know the nasal sprays

Nasal sprays, also known as nasal sprays, are medications that are used for treatment in sinus and nasal areas, such as nasal congestion.

This medicine is a liquid medicine that is sprayed inside the nose.

Often, the medication that is inserted into the spray is decongestant, which is a medication that is usually used to treat nasal congestion caused by sinusitis or the flu.

Nasal sprays are available in two types, namely:
  • ordinary spray bottle (pump bottle)
  • small can pressed into a bottle (pressurized container)
You should choose the type of spray that best suits your state of health.

That way, the medications contained in the nasal spray can be absorbed by the body properly.

You can get this medication at the pharmacy freely or as a prescription medication according to the doctor's advice.

How to use the nasal spray


Before using a spray medication, make sure your hands are clean and free of germs. Then, prepare several pieces of tissue around it. Well, each nasal spray has a different method to use.

How to use aerosol medications that use small cans:

Remove the mucus from the nose that blocks the airways before using this medication.

Make sure the small can fits perfectly in place.

Shake a small can full of liquid medicine several times before using it.

Direct your head up and exhale slowly.

Hold the nasal spray by placing your thumb on the bottom of the medication and the index finger on the top of the medication.

While the index finger of the other hand covers the nostril on the other side that does not receive medication.

Gently push the small can in place while inhaling the medication in the bare nose. Follow the same steps for other nostrils.

Try not to sneeze or drain the nose fluid immediately after using this medication.

Meanwhile, the procedure for using ordinary spray bottles is as follows:

Remove mucus from the nose slowly before using the medication.

Open the nasal spray cap and shake it several times. Spray it in the air until the liquid drains.

Tilt your head forward and exhale slowly.

Hold the spray bottle with the thumbs on the bottom and the index and middle fingers on the top.

Use your fingers on the other hand to close the nostrils that do not receive medication.

Press the pump on the top of the bottle to release the liquid as you inhale the liquid through the nostrils.

Follow the same steps for the other nostril.

Try not to remove fluid from your nose.

What should be taken into account when using nasal spray medications

As mentioned by the family doctor, do not use the nasal spray you buy at a pharmacy without the doctor's advice for more than three days.

Excessive use of this medication will only worsen your condition.

The more you use it, the worse the condition of your nose.

Also, make sure you can breathe air through your nose before using the medication because if not, then the use will be useless.

If used correctly, the liquid from the nasal spray medication will not fall into the throat or run out of the nose.

If you feel pain in your nose or your nose hurts, stop using it for a day or two.

Keep your medication away from direct sunlight and ask your doctor if you want to ask about medications to further cure this blocked nose.

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