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How to re-brush Sunscreen without damaging Makeup

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Sunscreen should be worn before you travel outside the house.

However, wear suncreen not quite once. You need to repeat the sunscreen a few times so that the protective effect lasts all day. So, how do I reuse a sunscreen while I'm using makeup?

Why should use sunscreen be repeated?

Reported from the American Academy of Dermatology, sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours once or immediately after swimming or sweating.

Over time the sunscreen cream in the skin can wear off. If you do not repeat the usage, the risk of your skin is sunburned while outdoor activities are huge.

Unfortunately, a lot of people may be lazy or even confused how to re-use sunscreen.

Though UV radiation is still there and it is as dangerous as the weather outside the cloudy and feels shady.

This is what makes the skin blackened or burned after a day of outdoor activities.

Exposure to sunlight too long without protection can also make skin premature aging.

Brown spots and fine wrinkles can appear on the face and make the skin look older. Also, another danger that may arise is the risk of skin cancer.

Therefore, you must re-use a sunscreen every two hours or more often if the skin starts to sweat. By reusing a sunscreen, the skin will remain protected from problems caused by sunlight.

How to re-use sunscreen?

Makeup make a spotty

How often the sunscreen actually reused depends on where you're doing. If you're in the room, you don't have to wear it often because the cream is not easily faded.

However, another story if you are outdoor activities that make the skin sweat easily. When using makeup, you may be confused about how to re-use a sunscreen without deleting your makeup.

The key is in the type of product used. Use a spray-shaped sunscreen product to protect your facial skin without making your makeup damaged. You just have to spray the product all over the face and neck without exception.

Make sure all skin is moistened by the product and nothing is missed. Then, let the liquid permeap and dry by itself.

Besides the spray-shaped, you can also use powder-shaped products such as powder.

You just have to use it on top of the makeup to wear a powder with a brush or brush. Sprinkle the sunscreen with slowly rotating movements.

This type of product will greatly facilitate you to reuse sunscreen without the hassle of makeup back. This type of Sunscreen is usually colorless and lightly textured so it won't change the look of your makeup. You can easily re-use this sunscreen without feeling cakey.

In addition to having a protection from UV rays, sunscreen powder products are also often equipped with vitamins A and E. This makes sunscreen able to moisturize and smooth the skin.

Not hard not to re-use sunscreen? From now on, let's Protect your skin's beauty and health with a sunscreen.

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