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Stay healthy despite a day of sitting, office workers must follow these 4 Tips

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Office workers generally spend most of their time sitting staring at computer screens. 

Although it looks relaxed, a day of sitting still can cause health problems. 

In fact, the office should always be healthy and fit to work properly. 

Check out these tips to stay healthy even after a day sitting in the office.

Tips to stay healthy despite sitting at the office all day

Active moves are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most office workers spend their time sitting quietly behind the office desk.

In fact, sitting too long can increase the risk of various health problems, ranging from hemorrhoid, neck muscle pain, back and waist pain, and obesity.

So, what do the office workers need to do to avoid these health problems? Of course, taking into account the body continues to move actively.

1. Do a simple stretch

Sitting all day does not mean you can not move active. 

Actually, you can take a simple stretch even while sitting.

Stretching movements can help to reduce pressure, stress, and tension in the body muscles, so you avoid muscle pain.

Here are some of the recommended stretch moves you can do in the office to stay healthy.

Leg extension

Sit upright in your chair. Then lift one leg straight forward. 

Hold it in three counts and repeat for the other leg. 

Do as many as 3 sets with 10 repetitions on each leg.

Arm Circles

Keep sitting in an upright position. Extend the hand sideways, forming a letter T. 

Rotate your shoulders forward as much as 20 rounds and backwards with the same amount. 

Repeat the movement 2 to 3 times to prevent neck pain. 

That way you will stay fit and healthy while in the office.

Seated Press Up

Do this stretch in an unwheeled seat to be safer. 

Sit upright with the soles of feet sticking on the floor. 

Place the hand next to the body touching the grip.

By riding on your hands and feet, lift up your body so that your butt is slightly hovering over the bench. 

Hold your body on top of as much as 3 counts, then re-place your butt into the seat. 

Do as many as 10 repetitions.

2. Select Drink-Wear Cup

Types of drinking water, water, distilled water, purified water, distilled water
To stay healthy though just sit a day in the office, choose to drink in a cup or glass instead of in the bottle. Why?

Using a drink bottle makes it easier for you to drink more. 

Unfortunately, it can also eliminate your chances of actively moving.

Using a cup or glass lets you wake up, stand up, and walk from your seat to fill the cup back with white water. 

Although it looks trivial, it can keep your body moving even if your work is spent with a lot of sitting.

3. Do not eat at the work desk

The next way to stay healthy in the office is to bring food from home. 

Home-made food is more assured of cleanliness and nutrition than buying it on the roadside.

However, to be healthier, you should not eat on a working table. 

Choose an office-outdoor meal, which allows your body to move and burn calories.

Besides not littering the table, eating elsewhere also prevents the concentration when eating is distracted on the job. 

That way, you can eat quietly, without having to check this job and that.

4. Pay attention to your computer's sitting position, keyboard layout and monitor

The sitting position, the keyboard layout, and the wrong computer screen can cause muscular problems and poor posture. 

So, to stay healthy, posture while sitting in the office should also be considered.

Do not sit with the body leaning forward, back, or sideways.

To be comfortable sitting upright, position your keyboard, monitor and mouse in the right location. 

Make sure your monitor is not far away so that your views stay comfortable without squinting when staring at the screen.

Put the mouse on an area that is easy to reach by hand. 

Place the keyboard as comfortable as possible with your hands.

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