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Through Meditation, Children Can be More Focus and Empathy

Many parents do not know that meditation is not only beneficial for adults, but also for children. There is a myriad of benefits offered by meditation for your child. What are you?

Meditation makes children quieter

Meditation is an exercise that can create peace of mind and make the body relax. In general, adults are advised to follow the program considering that they are more stressful than various activities.

However, did you know that meditation can give the same effect to a child's body?

According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, meditation provides a pretty positive effect to the child. Children who attend the meditation program tend to be more focused and calm when faced with problems.

For three minutes, children are required to restore their concentration through breathing techniques, relaxing body, and body awareness.

While undergoing meditation, the child must be accompanied by a parent or an expert to remain in control. Although there is no definite rule, do meditation to taste as young children are often quickly bored.

Well, after knowing how meditation is giving a positive impact to the child, it helps to know more about what benefits your child can get with meditation.

1. Strengthening the concentration
The child receives defeat
As technology grows, children are often difficult to release from gadgets. The habit is that it can reduce memory and concentration because it is always fun to play with their phones.

Well, one way to get their concentration back is to do meditation. This mind therapy technique teaches them to stay focused on one thing at a time.

Meditation is taught so that they are able to know how to stay focused and undisturbed while concentrating.

2. Help Grow Confidence
Not infrequently the confidence of a child does not grow well. They choose to isolate themselves from others and it is difficult to socialize because of their sense of taste.

This can be caused by pressure from oneself and others, as disturbed by other children.

So that the confidence is not drowning, child meditation can be one of the alternatives to make it grow.

If this mind therapy is applied, empathy, feelings of safety, and inner balance can be obtained. In addition, the child who performs meditation tends to be happier, cultivating compassion for others, and higher confidence.

3. Improve Patience
In addition to sharpening memory and confidence, the meditation benefits for other children are increasing patience.

This can be done by teaching them breathing techniques so that the child is better able to control their emotions.

In this mind therapy technique they are also taught to share compassion to others. Therefore, the patience grown in children grows and they become better listeners.

4. Good for physical health
The same research suggests an increase in mental health, decreased risk of hypertension, and decreased bad behavior in children who perform meditation.
In meditation that focuses on increasing concentration, there is a decrease in blood pressure in children. In addition, as time goes by, their behaviour is much better and away from the prohibition on school rules.

Therefore, meditation is often used as an alternative therapy when enforcing penalties in children who violate the rules.

Tips for doing meditation for children
Basically, there are no specific rules that bind to meditation. However, for some people, meditation for children should be done with a certain duration, such as:

Meditation for Kindergarten Children is done for several minutes in a day
Meditation for elementary school children to SMP is performed for 3-10 minutes in two times a day.
Meditation for teenagers is done for 5-45 minutes a day.
It is aimed that they do not get bored quickly because they have to sacrifice time to play.

In addition, there are some powerful tips when teaching children meditation so that they are accustomed to doing it, among others:

Teach breathing techniques so that their minds relax before bedtime

Remind the child to breathe and exhale it a few times when it will answer the exam questions.
Child meditation can be done without having to hire an expert or join a special program. You can see it from a free online book or course.

The benefits of meditation are not only for adults, but also for children. Therefore, try to invite children to participate in this mind therapy program so that they are more focused and have high empathy.

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