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4 Benefits of Farts for Body Health

Benefits of farts for the body very much. Although the effects cause unpleasant odors, farting is a natural process that is part of the digestive system and good for health.

Then, what are the benefits of farts? Let's discuss starting from the reason why we have to fart.

Benefits of Farts
As mentioned before, bowel movement is a natural process and can be a sign that the digestive system is working according to its function. In other words, the food consumed has been processed by the body properly.

Not only is part of the digestive system. If traced further, it turns out the wind is also beneficial for the following things.

1. Indicates that the food consumed is balanced
The benefits of the first fart is to give a signal about nutrition. A diet consisting of protein, low fat, vegetables, fruits, whole grains is included in balance. But it will produce a lot of gas from the results of digestion.

On the other hand, some types of carbohydrates cannot be broken down directly in the digestive tract. So the food will be fermented first in the large intestine before being disposed of. This fermentation process also produces gas so you pass gas.

2. Reducing pain in the stomach
Furthermore, there are other benefits of farting, namely reducing pain in the stomach. When you eat, chew, swallow, and process food, all of these things produce gas in the digestive tract. When gas accumulates, over time you will feel uncomfortable and even cause pain.

When holding back wind, the gas does not come out of the body so that the pressure and pain in the stomach will not be reduced. But removing the gas will release the gas and reduce pressure so that the pain will decrease.

3. Identifying food allergies
From farts, you can find out if you are allergic to a particular food. When consuming foods that cause allergies, the symptoms can occur in the form of diarrhea, nausea, bloating and excessive gas production.

If you always feel these symptoms when you eat certain foods, then fart, it's a sign that the body signals that you are allergic to that food. That is one additional benefit of farts.

However, it is important to still consult a doctor to know clearly and definitely about what foods cause allergies.

4. Shows a healthy digestive tract
A healthy digestive tract means it is inhabited by a wider variety of good bacteria. These bacteria work in eating and digesting the food you consume. When a healthy breeding system and bacteria can easily process food, gas automatically becomes easier to form.

There is no reason to hold back farts
Thus, there is no reason for you to hold back farts. Because, the benefits of farts are very clearly visible. Fart can function as an indicator of digestive health until it becomes a tool to identify allergies.

But indeed, farts cannot be careless. You should look for a toilet or a quiet place when you want to ventilate. The goal is not to disturb other people.

Restrain farts is not dangerous directly on the body's organs, but indeed the impact on the body feels like it. In addition, the intestine will also feel like ballooning due to the blockage of gas that is blocked by the fart.

Under certain conditions, holding farts can indeed have fatal effects such as causing diverticulitis. However, this case is very rare and is more common in elderly patients.

So, the key to getting the benefits of farts is not to hold it.

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