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4 Healthy Tips to Raise Weight During Long Holidays

Vacation is the right moment if you want to fatten the body. The reason is, you have more time to eat more often and more. Even so, the method still cannot be careless. In order to gain weight during a successful vacation without harming health, here are the tips.

Holidays can make you fat
Before the holidays, you will continue to be occupied by various daily activities, such as work and school, which use up so much energy. All of these activities require a lot of energy so that calories from food will be used optimally.

Now while on vacation, you burn fewer calories because your physical activity tends to decrease so that you can gain weight faster and easier.

But if the purpose of your vacation is to fatten the body in a healthy way, don't be tempted to just eat a lot and relentlessly lie on the mattress. Many eating habits are accompanied by a tendency to be lazy to move can indeed increase weight, but this method must be avoided.

Weight gain that rises unhealthy can cause problems later in life, such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and other illnesses.

Healthy tips to gain weight while on vacation
If you plan to gain weight while on vacation, the method you take must be healthy. Follow some of the tips below so you can increase your weight according to the target without causing problems.

1. Choose foods that are healthy and nutritious
Family Doctor said the key to increasing weight is to increase calorie intake. However, many misinterpret this by choosing high-sugar foods, such as candy, donuts, chocolate, and sweet cakes. These foods are high in calories, but they are not equipped with healthy nutrients.

In addition, sweet foods also have high glycemic index numbers. That means, the greater the number, the faster it makes blood sugar levels rise. This is not healthy for the body because it makes insulin work harder to stabilize blood sugar levels.

In order to stay healthy while gaining weight while on vacation, you need to limit these foods. This also includes fast food.

Choose foods that contain calories with a low glycemic index, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit, fruit, whole grains, and vegetables.

Do not forget to meet protein and healthy fats, by eating meat, avocados, eggs, and nuts. It would be better if you cooked the food yourself, so that you can get the nutritional content

2. Eat a little but often
In addition to food choices, food portions also need to be considered if you want to gain weight during the holidays. You do not need to eat large amounts because this can make your stomach full and sore.

Increase your calorie intake in various ways. Can make a smaller portion of food than usual but often, or a normal portion of food but added a snack.

However, snacks that are eaten must also be healthy, such as pieces of fruit or yogurt with almond topping, instead of soft drinks and cakes or sweet cakes.

3. Still have to exercise
Increasing calorie intake can indeed increase weight. However, you do not need to reduce exercise, or even do not do it at all.

These excess calories will later be converted into fat cells in the body if not burned. Conversely, if you continue to exercise, fat cells from excess calories will be converted into energy reserves and some of it is used to increase muscle mass.

It is this muscle mass that helps increase your weight while on vacation but still makes the body healthy.

4. Consult a doctor or nutritionist
To achieve a weight gain that is ideal and healthy, it may not be easy for everyone. If you experience difficulties, don't hesitate to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

The health professional will help you to determine the right food intake and physical activity choices. In addition, monitor your weight gain so as not to overdo it.

While trying to gain weight, you need to be patient. The reason is, weight cannot be increased in large numbers in a fast time. Chances are, the doctor or nutritionist will extend the program even though the holidays are over.

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