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4 Ways To Avoid Diabetes Even If Your Parents Have It

Do you have diabetes or have relatives who have diabetes? You should be careful because this can increase your chances of developing diabetes too.

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes mellitus has a very strong relationship with family history and descent, compared with type 1 diabetes. Many studies have proven that genetics play a very strong role in the development of type 2 diabetes in a person.

Several studies have shown that a child's risk of developing diabetes is greater when his mother has diabetes. Meanwhile, if both parents suffer from diabetes, the risk is even greater, reaching 50%.

In addition, the risk of diabetes is strengthened by a bad lifestyle. In one family, usually people tend to have the same eating and exercise habits, so lifestyle factors can increase your risk of diabetes.

What should I do if I have diabetes?
There are several ways you can do to reduce your diabetes risk. Basically all you have to do is change your lifestyle, you must learn to adopt a healthy diet and balanced with regular exercise.

Take care of your weight
Being overweight is one of the important risk factors that can cause you to develop diabetes. Obesity can increase your risk 20-40 times more to have diabetes. If you are overweight, you should gradually lose weight until you reach your normal weight.

More moving than watching TV
Sedentary lifestyles or inactive lifestyles also play a role in developing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Frequently using your muscles to move can increase your muscle's ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. This alleviates the pressure on the insulin making cells.

Watching TV is an activity that is often done by most people. The more time you spend in front of a television screen, will increase your risk of being overweight or obese, so that it will also increase your risk of developing diabetes. Unhealthy dietary patterns related to watching TV can also explain the relationship between watching TV and diabetes. Every two hours you spend your time watching TV can increase your chances of developing diabetes by 20%.

Take care of your food intake
Of course, to be able to avoid you from diabetes, your diet must change to a healthy diet with balanced nutrition. There are 4 important changes you can make to prevent type 2 diabetes, namely:

1. Choose carbohydrates from whole grains rather than refined grains.
There is evidence to suggest that dietary intake that contains more whole grains, such as wheat, can protect you from diabetes, while a high-refined carbohydrate diet can increase the risk of diabetes.

Research by Nurses' Health Studies I and II shows that women who consume an average of 2-3 servings of whole grains a day are 30% less likely to develop diabetes than women who rarely consume whole grains. The study was conducted on more than 160,000 healthy women and followed for 18 years.

The skin and fiber in whole grains are more difficult to break down into glucose, thus making an increase in blood sugar and insulin slower, and a lower glycemic index. As a result, the pressure on the body to make insulin is reduced, so that it can help prevent type 2 diabetes. In addition, whole grains are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that can help reduce the risk of diabetes. In contrast, white bread, white rice, mashed potatoes, and donuts have a high glycemic index which can then increase the risk of diabetes.

2. Avoid sweet drinks
Sweet drinks also contain a high glycemic load, so drinking lots of sweet drinks is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. In the Nurses' Health Study II study, women who drank one or more sugary drinks a day had an 83% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to women who consumed sweet drinks less than once a month.

Another reason why sugary drinks can increase diabetes risk is because it is associated with weight gain. Research conducted by Nurses' Health Study II and The Black Women's Health Study shows that women who consume lots of sugary drinks experience more weight gain than women who limit sugary drinks.

However, there is other evidence to explain that sugary drinks can cause chronic inflammation, high triglycerides, lower good cholesterol (HDL), and increase insulin resistance, all of which are risk factors for diabetes.

3. Choose good fat rather than bad fat
Good fats, such as polyunsaturated fats found in liquid vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds, can prevent you from diabetes. While the bad fats that you can find in the form of trans fat in margarine, fast food, or in fried foods, can actually increase your risk of diabetes.

Unlike the other polyunsaturated fats, the polyunsaturated fats that you find in fish just can't protect you from diabetes. Polyunsaturated fats in fish you know as omega-3 help in preventing heart disease. So, if you have diabetes, eating fish can help you avoid a heart attack or death from heart disease.

4. Limit red meat and avoid processed meat
Several studies have shown that eating red meat and processed meat can increase the risk of diabetes. Why does this happen? This may be due to the high iron content in red meat which can reduce the effectiveness of insulin or it can also damage cells that produce insulin. In processed meat, high preservative sodium and nitrite content may be responsible for this. You can replace your meat intake with other healthier food sources of protein, such as nuts, low-fat milk, chicken, or fish.

Quit smoking
If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking immediately. Smoking is very dangerous for health, including can also cause diabetes. Smokers are more at risk of developing diabetes by 50% or more compared to nonsmokers, and heavy smokers have a higher risk of diabetes.

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