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5 Ways to Quickly Get Rid of Stress During Holidays, So That Relaxing Time Is Not Interrupted

Vacation means having fun for a moment forgetting the pile of work and creating sweet memories with friends and family, right? However, not a few who actually feel stressed when the holidays arrive. So as not to destroy the holiday atmosphere, try some of the following ways to get rid of stress quickly.

Tips for relieving stress while on vacation
Stress cannot be avoided. However, at least stress can be managed so as not to greatly affect your physical and mental health, especially during the holidays.

Stress during the holidays can be caused by several things. Starting from excessive togetherness so do not have time alone, to drink too much alcohol during a party.

However, no need to worry because as reported by the Cleveland Clinic, you can relieve stress during the holidays so that your trip is not interrupted.

1. Set priorities
One way to manage stress during the holidays is to be able to set priorities, whether that's what and who should take precedence when the holidays.

Setting priorities is an important habit, even when you are on vacation. Determine what activities are the most positive at least reduce your overwhelming because of the rush of activities that are not necessary.

For example, when you're busy visiting your family's house or cooking every vacation at home, maybe reducing those activities can ease your burden.

Maybe you feel you have to do all the household chores because this holiday you and your family are entertaining your siblings. However, there is no need to do all the work alone and tell yourself that everything does not need to be perfect.

That way, at least your expectations are not too high and when things go wrong, you aren't too disappointed.

2. Eat and sleep regularly
For some people may feel when vacation is the time to eat as much as you want and sleep late. There are no tasks and jobs waiting in the morning, so you feel free to wake up later and eat irregularly.

In fact, getting enough sleep and eating regularly is one of the keys so that your stress hormones don't surge during the holidays.

This is because your body needs nutrition and rest so as not to interfere with your health. That way, you can manage stress well while on vacation and your travel plans are not interrupted.

3. Keep exercising regularly
In addition to eating and sleeping well, other ways to manage stress during the holidays can be done with regular exercise.

For example, when you travel to the beach and stay at a hotel, try to take the time to exercise for 30 minutes in the morning. If a place to stay provides gym facilities, why not use it so that your vacation is free from stress?

According to a study from Frontiers in Psychiatry, regular exercise can increase endorphins in the body. Endorphins are hormones that stimulate feelings of pleasure in the human brain.

Thus, with regular exercise even though on vacation at least helps you to relieve the stress experienced.

4. Start and end the day with fun
Starting and starting the day with an activity that you enjoy turns out to be a fairly effective way of managing stress while on vacation.

This might be because while on vacation, you tend to be overwhelmed because you have to take care of homework until the afternoon. As a result, before you finish the job you are already stressed and feel overwhelmed.

However, if you do something fun and close the day with activities that you enjoy, maybe the burden can be reduced.

For example, you like swimming because it can improve mood. Try to swim or exercise before doing what you have to do.

After that, then you can complete your work. After the job is finished, you can go back to your preferred activities, like watching a movie or just relaxing with family.

5. Looking for help
If you already feel exhausted and overwhelmed in the face of holiday activities that come in a barrage, ask for help to those closest to you.

Maybe you feel that in one day there are too many activities to complete and you have limited energy. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

That way, you can make activities, like cooking or cleaning the house before guests arrive, into fun.

In addition, work done together will not take longer than doing it alone. Thus, you can manage stress during the holidays properly with the help of others.

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