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5 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake in Children

Excess sugar intake from sweet foods and drinks can trigger tooth decay, obesity, and a number of other diseases in children. Unfortunately, not all parents understand how to reduce sugar intake so that children don't overeat it.

The right way to reduce children's sugar intake
Sugar is found in a variety of snacks that children consume, from bread, cakes, biscuits, packaged juices, ice cream, and much more. Unwittingly, your child consumes all sweet foods and drinks almost every day.

However, reducing sugar intake is not impossible. Here are a series of tips you can do:

1. Nutritionally balanced breakfast
In fact, your family may consume more sugar at breakfast than when eating a dessert that is synonymous with sweet taste. Sugar intake can come from cereals, milk, bottled juices, jams, to sugar in a cup of sweet tea.

Breakfast with practical ingredients is not entirely wrong. However, try to alternate each day with foods that contain more nutrients. For example eggs, plain yogurt, plain oatmeal, brown rice, vegetables, and fruits.

2. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables
Providing fruit and vegetables is one effective way to reduce children's sugar intake. The reason, fruits and vegetables contain fiber and water that makes children feel full longer. So, your child does not often eat sweet snacks.

Children in growth and development require 1-2 servings of fruit and 2-5 servings of vegetables a day. A serving of fruit is equivalent to 1 medium apple or orange, while a serving of vegetables is equivalent to 1 small bowl of salad.

3. Eating natural foods with whole nutrition
Most children's snacks have gone through various stages of processing. These foods and drinks have also been given additional ingredients such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial sweeteners with high sugar content.

To reduce your child's sugar intake, give him natural food in a form that is still intact. For example, by replacing sweet syrup into honey, apple sauce with real apples, and snacks in the form of nuts.

4. Make your own snacks
When traveling with children, you will more easily buy a snack package for him. Well, you can prevent this by making your own snacks that are healthier and lower in sugar.

There are a variety of healthy foods that you can make a snack. For example beans, cheese, fruit smoothies, boiled eggs, and baked potatoes. In addition, you can also make simple cakes with these ingredients.

5. Teach children to drink enough water
Teaching children to drink water is an effective step to reduce sugar intake. Besides refreshing, water will not cause health problems like sweet drinks.

So, start providing your child with a bottle of water before leaving for school or going to play. Teach your child to spend the water that you bring so he gets used to it.

There is no practical way to reduce children's sugar intake. The results depend on your habits at home and the way you teach your child to limit consumption of sweet snacks.

Applying all of the above is certainly difficult at first. However, your child will benefit greatly from his health over the years to come.

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