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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin to Prevent Aging from a Young Age

Skin treatments such as anti-wrinkle creams are usually used by people over the age of 40, but now more and more beauty companies are introducing anti-aging creams for their 20s and 30s. Is it true that in your 30s you need treatment creams to make your skin look younger? What are the ways and skin care that must be done so that you stay young? Check out the review below, let's!

Why do you need skin care to prevent aging?
In the late 20s to mid 30s, you will enter pre-aging. At this stage you might start seeing lines around the eyes and mouth, or dark spots caused by sunlight. This is actually reasonable, and can still be avoided at its worst risk through certain skin treatments.

The two main factors that cause pre-aging are sun damage, and (unfortunately) your genetic factors. However, don't worry yet. You can still prevent, delay, repair, to eliminate the signs of aging on the skin.

If you feel that your skin has been exposed to too much sun during this time, then you should immediately use an anti-aging treatment or cream as soon as possible. Protection from the sun with serums, creams, and moisturizers that contain antioxidants can save your skin. In addition, there is much more you can do for the skin.

Skin care tips for preventing aging
Here are some things you can do to start anti-aging skin care:

1. Start with a special facial sunscreen
The first step in skin care to prevent aging is to use sun protection such as sunscreen, sunblock, or sunscreen that will protect you from the dangers of UV sunlight. Use a cream with SPF 15, 20, up to 30 for your face everyday if you want to travel outside the house.

2. Don't forget to wear it on your neck and hands
Besides the face, don't forget the neck and hand area. That area is the area most often exposed to sun exposure, but ironically it is also the most often forgotten skin area to be treated. Do not be surprised if you see many middle-aged women who have done expensive skin care, but the skin of the neck and hands are still full of wrinkles.

3. Reduce drinking with a straw because it can cause wrinkles
Sipping drinks using a straw is believed to cause fine lines around your mouth. Any repetitive muscle movements will cause wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles around the mouth, reduce the use of straws.

In addition, skin care to prevent wrinkles in the area of ​​the mulit and forehead can be overcome by using retinol cream at night around the mouth (especially on the smile line) and forehead.

4. Use eye cream
The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin of your entire body, which means this area will be the first place where wrinkles appear. In your mid-20s, use eye creams that can nourish the area around the eyes and protect you from the lines at the tip of the eyes.

Do not forget to also use sunglasses with UV protection when going to the beach or to the sun.

5. Consumption of foods that contain antioxidants
In addition to skin care from the outside, you also have to treat the skin from the inside. Eating foods that contain antioxidants can significantly delay aging in the body. Get into the habit of consuming green tea, vegetables, berries, nuts, and dark chocolate

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