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A Safe Diet For People With Diabetes To Lose Weight

One symptom of diabetes is unplanned weight loss. This can be a new problem for diabetics. However, on the other hand many advocate for people with diabetes to lose weight. So, can people with diabetes lose weight and go on a diet?

Can people with diabetes go on a diet to lose weight?
Basically, one of the symptoms that may be experienced by diabetics is weight loss that occurs suddenly and not planned in advance. This condition occurs due to the regulation of blood sugar levels that are not good in the body, thus making the body's tissues do not get sugar and eventually starve.

But this is usually more common in people who have type 1 diabetes than type 2 diabetes. Besides these symptoms appear when the initial period of diabetes occurs. If this happens all the time, you could experience a lack of weight, so what you have to do is to maintain a stable body weight and normal blood sugar levels.

Another thing if you have diabetes and have an abnormal body mass index, tend to be overweight or obese, then losing weight is an important thing to do. Several studies have shown that obesity and overweight in people with diabetes can increase the risk of complications and make blood sugar out of control.

How much weight should diabetics have?
So indeed this depends on the condition of each, if indeed you are obese means you have to lose weight in order to make your diabetes under control. Conversely, if your weight is normal, then you should maintain your weight.

Meanwhile, for how much weight should be lowered by obese diabetics, it depends on the ideal body weight owned by each. You can consult with a nutritionist to find out how much weight you should lose.

What is a safe diet for diabetics like?
Even if you don't have the ability to control blood sugar levels in your body, that doesn't mean you should avoid carbohydrates - which contain sugar - altogether. The principle is how to regulate the portion of nutritional needs, including carbohydrates, so as not to make blood sugar levels rise rapidly.

Here are foods to avoid if you want to lose weight:
Various kinds of sugar, such as white sugar, honey, sweetened condensed milk, and various other sweet foods. Besides being bad for your weight all these foods are the main enemies of your blood sugar levels.
  • All fatty foods, if you want to consume milk should choose low-fat, but still low in sugar.
  • Fried foods contain high trans fat.
  • Packaged foods that have high sodium.
  • A variety of foods that have a high glycemic index level.
Foods that are good for consumption if you want to lose weight:
  • Expand to consume vegetables and fruit
  • Choose the type of carbohydrate that has high fiber and low glycemic index
  • Expand to eat sea fish, such as tuna, sardines, and salmon.
Also, don't forget to exercise regularly and periodically. Various studies have shown that regular physical activity can help someone who is dieting to lose weight. The ideal duration of exercise is 150 minutes per week or can also be replaced with 30 minutes per day.

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