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Beware of Sleeping Late at Night while on Vacation, This Is the Risk

Staying up late is a natural occurrence when you go through a pleasant vacation. A busy schedule, ranging from parties, traveling, shopping, to just chatting with the closest people, would certainly spend a lot of time and energy. Quite often, you forget to sleep on time, until you do not realize the day has changed.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 18-25 years and 26-64 years should sleep for 7 to 9 hours. However, the duration from 6 to 10 hours is also still considered safe for adult health. The organization also mentions that the sleeping window starts at 8:00 a.m. until 00:00.

When you are on vacation and spend so much time that you forget you have changed days, you may have to face some risk of sleeping late. Here is the full review.

Risk of sleeping late
Staying up late, sleeping during the day, and eating after 8:00 pm may be a risk factor for weight gain. A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine found that people who sleep late at night consume 248 calories more a day, especially at dinner or evening.

The one-week study involved 51 participants consisting of 23 people with late night sleep patterns and 28 people with normal sleep hours. Overall participants were 30 years old on average. The participants were asked to wear tools to calculate their sleep levels and daily activities.

People with sleep patterns late at night, sleep on average at 3.45 in the morning and wake up at 10.45, breakfast at noon, lunch at 14.30, dinner at 20.15, and last meal at 10:00 at night.

Meanwhile, people with normal sleep patterns wake up on an average of 8:00 a.m., breakfast at 9:00, lunch at 13:00, dinner at 19:00, snack last at 20.30, and sleep at 00.30.

The research shows that in addition to the number of calories, the time of their food consumption is also important. Those who eat after 20:00 tend to have a higher BMI, even after controlling for the time and duration of sleep.

Tips to avoid sleeping late
Fighting the routine during the holidays, you can do the ways below to keep getting quality sleep time and avoid the risk of sleeping late.

Maintain your normal sleep schedule
You may have a good time late into the night, but try to stay asleep and wake up at the same time as usual, as much as you can. This method will help the sleep-wake cycle inherent in your body and can improve the quality of closing your eyes during sleep.

If you have to attend a party late into the night, try to get up only an hour later than usual, even if you are tired. Sleeping too long on weekends can backfire which can increase the risk of sleeping late.

Avoid heavy dinners
Try to eat and drink lightly at night and avoid eating two hours before bedtime. Sleeping in a full condition can make your stomach twist, because the body works to digest all these foods.

If you are hungry before going to bed, eat a light snack, like a glass of milk, which contains tryptophan, and a handful of granola or a piece of fruit.

Sport late at night
Aerobic exercise can slightly increase your body temperature. When your body temperature falls a few hours later, you will feel sleepy. Be sure to avoid strenuous exercise within four hours before going to bed, because this activity can make you sleep late.

Reduce activities
An hour before bedtime, start tidying up your activities and set yourself up for a deep sleep. Think of it as time to rest. Get rid of the "to do" list, complete the task late at night, and focus on relaxing your body and mind.

One way to help this step is by taking a warm bath, stretching or exercising, meditating or visualizing techniques, reading a book, or enjoying certain music.

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