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Daily Foods and Beverages Containing High Sugar

In everyday life, we often snack food without regard to its contents. Snacks do need to be provided during the break between large meals. This is necessary so that at mealtime, we do not overeat due to excessive hunger.

Snacks are also needed, to make us continue to have energy between large food breaks from one time to time which is sometimes uncertain. Sometimes, we skip breakfast, putting it together with lunch. Because of busyness, sometimes the lunch break to dinner is too far away. That's when snacking between breaks is very necessary.

However, snacking cannot be just any food. Many snacks have high sugar levels, which not only risk your health, but also potentially frustrate your plans to lose weight.

What foods have high sugar content?
Without us knowing, there are some foods that contain high sugar levels.
  • Fruit flavored yogurt. Who doesn't like fruit-flavored yogurt served cold? In addition to refreshing, yogurt is also available in supermarkets with affordable prices and easy to obtain. But did you know that yogurt like this contains high sugar levels? For a healthier choice, instead of buying fruit-flavored yogurt, it's better to buy plain yogurt that doesn't have any flavor, then add your favorite fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, mangoes, and so on.
  • Salad dressing. Salad is usually composed of various fruits and vegetables, very healthy for consumption. However, the story is different if the salad is served with mayonnaise and even grated cheese, which not only contains added sugar, but is also high in fat.
  • Soft drink. Drinking soft drinks is refreshing, but in fact soft drinks contain lots of sugar. The content of sugar in soft drinks is estimated to be around 39 grams to 99 grams. This carbonated drink besides containing sugar, can also make your stomach bloated. In addition to soft drinks, other drinks that sound healthy like chocolate milk and bottled juices also often have added sugar.
  • Packaged tomato sauce or bottled sauce. Eating fried potatoes, spaghetti, or sausages with tomato sauce is really good. Did you know that this sauce has a high sugar content? Yes, sugar is used to minimize the sour taste found in tomato sauce. In addition, by adding sugar, tomato sauce will be more durable.
  • Jam. Jam served with bread, a food which is one of the main sources of carbohydrates. The sugar content of bread is around 2 grams per bread slice. Eating bread with jam makes sugar levels even higher, unless you replace it with whole wheat bread.
  • Granola bars. Granola bars are usually used as an alternative to a filling. Eating granola is healthier, but granola bar is arguably more like candy because it has added a lot of sugar to make it taste better.
  • Honey. One of the foods is also healthy. Sugar in honey does occur naturally, but you have to be careful, because there is honey that is added artificial sweeteners or added sugar. One tablespoon of honey has more calories and carbohydrates than one tablespoon of sugar.
  • Various cakes. The cake is very tasty to eat as a dessert. Cakes can also be enjoyed while chatting casually with friends. But don't overdo the cake. Cakes contain high sugar, because cakes are processed from certain ingredients such as flour, butter, and sugar.
  • Pudding and ice cream. This food can not be avoided by sweet food lovers. Just like cake, pudding is also served as a dessert. Sugar content in pudding and ice cream is also high. Not that you should not eat ice cream anymore, but try to buy ice cream once in a while, and avoid buying ice cream in a large cup.
  • Candy. One more sweet food that can not be avoided. Candy is usually eaten to add energy. Not only favored by young children, sweets are also liked by adults. However, around 60% to 90% of sweets are sugar.
Why do we have to limit the amount of sugar consumed?

Consuming excess sugar is not good for health and can trigger diseases such as diabetes, obesity, dental problems, and even heart disease. Especially when you are a passive person and rarely do physical activity. It's best if you feel you are consuming a lot of sugar, you should also take the time to exercise.

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