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How to Overcome Children Who Have Difficulty Sleeping During the Holidays

image source : needpix

When you have children, holidays have a new challenge, which is to put your baby to sleep. Not a few children who actually want to sleep late or even stay up all night with the reason while being on vacation. To get around children who have difficulty falling asleep during the holidays, there are several ways, namely:

Tips for dealing with insomnia during the holidays

Be realistic about your circumstances and initial plans

Sometimes, the reality on the ground will feel far different from what was planned. Want, anyway, children still easy to sleep so that you and your partner can also enjoy a quiet time to relax.

Launch from Sleep, you can work around this by making children more tired during the day. Increase the fun activities in the morning until noon so that when it was night, he would sleep faster because he was tired.

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Launching from Huffpost, if you and your family plan to vacation in a hotel, sleeping in a crowded room instead can make the child unable to sleep comfortably. We recommend that you make allowances for the number of people in one room so that the atmosphere is more comfortable and calm.

If you plan to sleep in a hotel, you can rent a baby bed so he can sleep more comfortably. A quiet bedroom will make it easier for children to sleep at night.

Consistent with sleep

Even though you're on vacation, try to be consistent with bedtime that has been created at home. If there is an event at night, it is better for the child to take a nap to maintain the routine that he usually applies at home.

When on vacation, bring along your child's favorite items that can create a home atmosphere even if you are outside. For example, blankets, pillows, bolsters, or favorite dolls. These favorite items can reduce children's insomnia during the holidays.

Anticipate time differences

If you and your family go on a vacation abroad that has a drastic time difference, change the time to sleep 15 minutes faster or slower. Do it for 3-4 days before leaving for vacation, to anticipate jetlag.

Communicate with children

The methods above can not work if you do not communicate with children about the vacation that will be undertaken. Tell the vacation location, place to stay, and activities that will be carried out while there. Give understanding that the atmosphere of sleep will be different from at home but still comfortable and safe.

Do not forget, to tell that the time to sleep during the holidays remains the same as at home. Communicate also with your partner not to invite children to play at bedtime. This will reduce the chance of the child having difficulty sleeping during the holidays.