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Parenting Guide: Choosing Sunglasses for Children Before the Holidays

Sunglasses are not just for style, but also function to protect the eyes from sun exposure. Not only adults who need it, children also need this protection.

So as not to be mistaken, there are several ways to choose sunglasses for your child during the holidays.

Tips on choosing a child's sunglasses during the holidays

According to WHO, children who are under the age of 10 years are more at risk of damage to the skin and eyes due to UV exposure. This is because the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes is smoother than adults.

What's more, when the retina of the eye is exposed to excessive UV light, this can pose a risk of cataracts. Therefore, choosing children's sunglasses and using them when the weather is hot can reduce this potential.

Here are some ways to choose sunglasses for children for a safer and more comfortable vacation:

1. Choose one that can cover your eyes well

When choosing sunglasses for children, make sure that they can cover your eyes well.

That is, try these glasses can cover sensitive skin areas around your eyes. Choose a lens that is big enough to cover that part.

However, you should not forget to use sunscreen as extra protection in the skin area near the eyes.

2. Can dispel UV exposure

In addition to choosing a lens that can cover the eyes well, another thing to consider when choosing sunglasses for children is what percentage of these glasses can dispel UV light.

As reported by the Opthalmic Edge page, sunglasses with a lightweight polycarbonate lens and 100% UVA UVB protection are a great choice for children.

In fact, glasses with this protection are also recommended to start wearing when the child is three years old.

This is because 80% of sun exposure can damage the skin and the area around the eyes before they are 18 years old.

In addition, sunglasses whose UV protection is so low that none at all are even more dangerous when children are not wearing glasses at all.

This is caused when dark lenses without UV protection can cause enlarged pupils. As a result, the chance of ultraviolet light entering the retina is greater.

3. Choose a durable frame

Using high-quality sunglasses and hardiness can at least prolong the life of these glasses when worn by children.

This is because children tend to be more active and prefer to move, so they need glasses that can last when a child falls or moves.

You can choose sunglasses for children with a round and flexible frame. In fact, if necessary, glasses with velcro tape is also good for children who like to exercise.

That way, your child will still be comfortable using their sunglasses while remaining active without worrying.

4. Involve children in the selection process

Actually, the main key of choosing sunglasses for children is to involve them when choosing sunglasses.

In addition to making the process more enjoyable, at least they prefer the sunglasses they choose, so they are happier when using them.

You can narrow your choice of glasses to be bought based on your favorite color, quality, and maybe price.

That way, children may not be too confused when faced with the type of sunglasses with different functions.

Buying sunglasses at a high price does not mean your child will get extra protection.

Choosing sunglasses for your child should be considered, starting in terms of comfort and durability, so parents need to be careful.

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