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This is the reason why the smell of a baby is very special and pleasant

Speaking of body odor, almost all agreed to compete to eliminate it. But, unlike the case with newborns who have a very distinctive body scent. In fact, almost everyone likes this scent. Why do many people like baby's body odor? Come, see the following expert explanation.

Why is the baby's body odor so unique?
Seeing a baby with big eyes, fat cheeks, and smooth skin will definitely make you exasperate, don't want to hug her. Not only that, the distinctive aroma of the body also encourages you to continue to smell it.

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology looked at people's reactions when they smell the body of a newborn baby.

The results, show that the distinctive fragrance does not only attract the attention of his parents. In fact, those around him also like the smell of the baby's body.

From these studies it can be concluded that the scent of a baby's body is indeed liked by many people, including also possible by you. However, what causes it?

There are several theories that explain this. George Preti, PhD, an analytical chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, explains the reason.

"The distinctive aroma comes from chemicals released by the baby's sweat glands," he explained as quoted by the page of Women’s Health Magazine.

He also explained that usually, these chemicals can last up to 6 weeks.

The distinctive aroma of the baby's body will begin to change when the metabolism in the body also changes, along with food that is now derived from breast milk, no longer the umbilical cord.

In addition, another theory states that the characteristic odor in infants comes from vernix caseosa, which is a substance similar to a whitish-colored cheese that coats the baby's skin at the time of birth.

Although the body of a newborn baby will be cleaned, the smell can be strongly attached to the baby's hair and skin.

What happens when you smell the baby's scent

The aroma is very strong influence on your brain. Because the aroma has its own nerves in the nose and special pathways that can be directly channeled to the brain.

Similarly, the smell that smells good, this smell will also have an effect on you. Fragrant aroma can cause a sense of pleasure in yourself, one of them baby's body odor.

Why does the baby's body odor cause pleasure? Based on the same study, the smell of a baby is known to activate certain parts of the brain and increase the bond between the baby and the mother.

Not only that, smell the distinctive aroma of the baby's body can also stimulate the brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone in the brain that can change the atmosphere for the better.

That is why the smell of a baby creates a pleasant feeling and is liked by many people. This is evidenced by the results of MRI imaging which shows that an increase in the pleasure scale in the brain.

Although a typical baby's scent will fade. The sweat produced by the baby's body is still odorless. This happens because the baby has not eaten food that causes body odor, such as onions.

In addition, they also have not actively moved in the wild so that sweat production is not much. Dirt attached to the baby's body is not too much in number so it is less likely to cause body odor.

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