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Tips To Stay Healthy After The Vacation Is Over

Not a few people even get sick after the holidays; whether because of traveling fatigue or because of negligence to maintain health in spare time. If you don't want to fall ill when you return to school or work after the holidays, here are the tips

Tips for staying fit after the holidays

1. Keep moving a lot while on vacation
Holidays are synonymous with magical tendencies, lounging while watching TV, or taking naps all day. But if you want to stay healthy during and after the holidays, don't be easily tempted to lie down every day.

Try not to sit or lie too long. You can try to wake up for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Get up to get drinking water, snacks to stall, or just around the house.

If possible, try every 60 minutes to do light warm-up movements at home. It aims to train the muscles of the body so they are not too rigid during the holidays.

Holidays that are filled with clean-up rooms or even houses are also recommended. Moving a lot and being active can burn calories and reduce the risk of diabetes and other heart disease risk factors.

2. Take time to exercise
During long holidays you usually change your daily routine schedule. From what was once a week had a 2-day workout schedule, now it's fully prepared for the holidays.

Unfortunately, this can actually make the body become achy and end up less fit after the holidays. Tips to stay healthy during and after the holidays is to still take the time to exercise.

You can outsmart by taking the time to jog in the morning for example. So, holiday activities such as a splashy event or just a party in the afternoon until the evening can go on schedule.

If you stay at a hotel while on vacation, try also to peek at the gym room. In general, hotels have some gym equipment, though not complete, but you can use as much as possible to train your body movements.

3. Don't eat too much
Many people privilege vacation moments to be able to eat to their heart's content. However, this is wrong if done. Tips for staying healthy after the holidays is to pay attention to the food you eat.

Limit fatty and high-calorie foods. Balance with eating vegetables and fruit. When having breakfast at the hotel, make sure you choose the salad menu or other menus that have low calories.

At lunch you can eat a little heavy, slightly fatty, and also delicious. Now, on the dinner menu, you can balance the healthy menu and your favorite menu, which may be a bit fatty or high-calorie.

Indirectly this can track and limit your food intake during the holidays. After the holidays your weight gain will also not be drastic, aka still under control.

4. Do not get dehydrated
Even though it's vacation, you still have to consume lots of fluids. For example a vacation to the beach with hot and hot weather or a vacation to the mountains, make sure you always drink enough mineral water. This is one of the tips to stay healthy while preventing dehydration during and after the holidays end.

When dehydrated the brain sometimes gets confused to determine whether the body is thirsty or hungry. Well, to overcome not being lazy to drink and overeat, gulp a glass of drinking water before eating. This can also be a way to help reduce the amount of food you consume.

To stay healthy without dehydration after the holidays, make sure you drink six to eight glasses of mineral water per day.

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