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Why Do People With Diabetes Have To Maintain Weight?

Why Do People With Diabetes Have To Maintain Weight?

Diabetes is one of the health problems that is highly highlighted, as is obesity. Diabetes and obesity have a close relationship, the article obesity can increase the risk of diabetes and also contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Therefore, maintaining weight is considered as an effective way of preventing diabetes and as an important component of implementing healthy living.

Why is it important to maintain weight for diabetics?
Adults who are overweight or obese are more prone to type 2 diabetes. The reason is, as many as 80% to 90% of people who have type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. This is because the body has excess fat intake which causes insulin resistance, which is a condition where the hormone insulin cannot work properly to control blood sugar levels.

Based on this explanation, it should not be surprising if maintaining weight is one way for diabetics to control blood sugar. Being overweight or prone to obesity can increase the risk of death from heart disease and may be affected by certain types of cancer. Therefore, it is very important to maintain weight so as to minimize the risk of diabetes or other diseases.

How do I know if I have the ideal weight?
To find out if you are overweight or not, you can do a body mass index (BMI) calculation. BMI is a number that states the ratio of body weight (in kilograms) to height squared (in meters).

In this case, BMI helps assess one's weight status against the risk of health problems due to underweight or overweight. Therefore, BMI cannot be used for diagnosis of certain health conditions. You still need to consult a doctor for further action.

How do I control my weight?

Implementing a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to food intake and doing physical activities such as exercise is the key in controlling weight. Applying a healthy lifestyle provides benefits for the body, including:

Helps prevent and control diabetes
Improve blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fat levels
Reducing the risk of developing complications such as heart disease and stroke
Improve overall body health
You can consult to control and maintain body weight to nutritionists and doctors. It is highly recommended not to consume weight loss drugs, supplements, etc. before getting approval from the experts.

How can I adopt a healthy lifestyle?
The key to maintaining physical fitness, including maintaining a healthy weight, is to make lifestyle changes that you normally go through. Change your bad habits by doing simple things in an effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle that has major effects such as:
  • Exercise regularly or at least make sure that your body actively moves every day
  • Keep eating 3 times a day, but keep eating portions consistently
  • Eat only when hungry and don't eat hastily
  • Apply a healthy eating atmosphere, for example eating at a table rather than in front of a TV or computer
  • Increase fiber intake in the body, such as eating wheat or fruits, vegetables, and nuts that contain high fiber
  • Consumption of healthy foods and drinks such as not eating junk food, processed products, and any food that contains a lot of oil, salt, and sugar.

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