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5 Food Abstinence for People with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (inflammation of the knee joint) is a fairly common type of arthritis, especially in adults. The inflammation causes severe joint pain accompanied by swelling. Symptoms will continue to worsen if the patient eats foods that trigger inflammation. For this reason, patients must pay attention to food choices. Let's look at some foods for osteoarthritis sufferers to avoid the following.

List of dietary restrictions for osteoathritis sufferers
So that inflammation does not spread and get worse, food choices for osteorarthritis patients must be considered. Some foods that should be avoided include:

1. Sugary food or drink
Sugary foods like sodas, sweet teas, sweets, or cakes, are sweet and spoil the tongue. Unfortunately, it is included in the list of dietary restrictions for osteoarthritis sufferers to consume. Why? Sugar can trigger the release of cytokines, which are small proteins that carry inflammation signals in the body. As a result, an inflammatory reaction will occur and make your tense joints become weaker.

Although sugary foods are not good, you can still use natural sweeteners as a substitute, for example honey. However, their use must be limited, yes. In addition, processed carbohydrate foods such as white rice, potato chips, white bread can trigger joint pain. These foods stimulate the production of oxidants which can increase inflammation in the body.

2. Foods that contain a lot of salt
Salty foods do make you addicted and want to eat again and again. Although delicious on the tongue, this food contains a lot of sodium so it is a taboo for those suffering from osteoarthritis. High sodium levels cause body cells to retain water. As a result, the swelling in the joint will be greater and the risk of joint damage will increase.

To apply a salt diet to food, use spices instead. Add more garlic, paprika, pepper, or lime or lemon juice to your cooking.

3. Foods high in saturated fat
French fries, donuts, burgers and other junk foods contain high saturated fat. Chemical compounds from food frying can increase cholesterol in the body so that inflammation becomes more severe.

In addition, these foods also tend to make you gain weight. This will add pressure to the joints in your knees that are already problematic. In addition to avoiding fast food, frying food for osteoarthritis sufferers should use olive oil or corn oil.

4. Foods that contain omega 6 fatty acids
All nutrients will nourish the body if the levels are balanced. One of them is omega 6 fatty acids which play a role in cell formation and preventing inflammation. If the levels are excessive, instead of preventing inflammation, these fatty acids actually make inflammation worse. Usually these fatty acids are found in egg yolks or red meat.

5. Milk
In some people, dairy products can increase inflammation and trigger pain in the joints. So, always pay attention to how your body reacts after consuming processed foods from milk. If an uncomfortable reaction occurs after eating dairy products from animals or goats, replace them with safer soy milk or almond milk.

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