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5 Things You Must Do to Become a More Positive Parent

When you have children, your role automatically changes from living together with your partner, becoming a parent with all the challenges. This challenge sometimes makes you tired, stressed, and even depressed. This feeling when it lasts a long time, will make some people feel unable to be a good parent

Now, to avoid stress, you need to be a more positive parent facing something. Then, how to be a good parent? Some of these tips might be your reference.

How to be a good and more positive parent

Change the perspective of seeing the problem
When you are relaxing and your mind is calm, think about problems that often make you angry or upset. For example, when children waste food, run around until they fall, or play water. When you remember, First, think deeper about why your child does what you find annoying.

Why does your child waste food? Is he bored or just looking for attention? Launching from Very Well Family, it is important for parents to change their perception of a problem. When a child sees a negative reaction from a parent because of his behavior, at that time he feels cared for.

Second, think about why this behavior is bothering you. Is it because you are shy in front of other people? Then, have you decided that the behavior is bad behavior and is not acceptable to others? Indeed some of the children's behavior is annoying, but sometimes what he does is in accordance with his development and as long as it does not hurt others you should not need to bother.

By changing the perspective of the problem, you can gradually become a good and more positive parent for your child.

Lower expectations in children
How to be a good parent? Sometimes parents forget that children are only children who still want to have fun with their world. When parents have high expectations or certain rules about the child's attitude and it does not have, it backfire for parents and make you upset and even stressed.

Understand that your child is still a child who wants to play. Sometimes happy and friendly when meeting new people, but it is not uncommon to look uncomfortable when in a strange place. Lowering expectations in children can make you more relaxed about problems and be a better and more positive parent.

Make special time for children
Time becomes very valuable when you already have children. Sometimes busyness keeps the distance between parent and child. That distance increases when teenagers are busy exploring new things outside.

Kids Health mentioned that one way to be a good, positive, and effective parent is to make special time with children. Save your cellphone and work in the office, make time so that children can tell a lot about their daily life. This method can also strengthen the relationship between parent and child because they understand each other.

Trying to be close to children
To be a good parent and be more positive about your child, you need to have a closer relationship with him. When children and you feel close and connected from heart to heart, stress in yourself will be reduced and your attitude more positive. Take 10-20 minutes every day to find out how the kids are doing and how busy they are that day, as well as you. Sharing stories can be a means to become good and more positive parents.

Use positive sentences in front of the child
When you feel tired, avoid saying negative sentences about yourself. Launch from the Huffington Post, children will imitate what parents do and say. This can be a negative suggestion for your child, especially when he was still a toddler. At this age, children need confidence for their social and emotional life. Positive sentences will help children to increase their confidence.

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