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7 How To Effectively Cleanse The Lungs Of Passive Smokers

Although only gets to inhale the fumes of course, passive smoking is also equally risky with the active smokers. Then if You are one of the people passive smokers, let's find a way how to clean lungs from smoking rooms! Do not until Your health deteriorates because ignore this and consider it trivial.

How to cleanse the lungs of passive smokers

Clearing the lungs is important if You feel become passive smokers. The reason is, smoking cigarettes could damage the lungs slowly but surely.

Passive smokers at high risk of experiencing a lot of sitting respiratory problems chronic, ranging from asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to air pollution including cigarette smoke cause 4.2 million death worldwide annually.

To it as passive smokers, do not delay longer to clear the lungs in the following way:

1. Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps improve physical and mental health of a person. In addition, regular exercise also reduces the risk of many health conditions, including stroke and heart disease.

Sport forcing the muscles to work harder which could increase the rate of breathing of the body. By doing so, the supply of oxygen to the muscles will also be greater.

In addition, exercise also helps improve circulation of the body. This creates the body gets enough oxygen, including the heart, lungs, and muscles. If done regularly, this way is able to help cleanse the lungs of passive smokers.

So, whether a person suffer from the problem of chronic respiratory still need to exercise? Of course! Precisely regular exercise helps improve respiratory health. But, first consult your vet.  type of exercise that should and should not be.

2. Maintain the cleanliness of the air in the house

The house became a place of rest and spend time at the most. Therefore, keeping the air in the room remains hygienic be important things that need to be done.

 vacuum or sweep the room regularly. Do not forget to diligently mopping the room once a day to make sure no powder accumulate.

Clean all vents in the home resembling in the room and the bathroom. Do not forget also to clean the AIR conditioner and fan regularly so that the air coming out stay clean.

Try not to wear fragrance or air freshener. Because, this fragrance is filled with the material kima dangerous that could irritate Your lungs. In addition that is not less important also make sure to ban anyone either family or guests to smoke in the house.

3. Often a breath of fresh air

The fresh air, i.e. air that levels of pollution are low and usually found in green areas. Area or land that is overgrown with trees generally had higher levels of pollution are lower and more healthy to breathe.

Inhale lots of fresh air able to help expand the tissue in the lungs to work properly. But unfortunately, when this green open land that exist in urban areas also often have high levels of pollution are high.

To get fresh air, once in a while You could take the time to go to the highlands or mountains. Usually the quality of the air in the mountains is still natural and fresh so it is healthy for the lungs. This way will help clear Your lungs as passive smoking.

4. Consuming antioxidants

Antioxidants, i.e. compounds of the antidote to free radicals one of which comes from smoking cigarettes. In addition to ward off free radicals, antioxidants also help reduce inflammation in the body.

As passive smokers without realizing it may be the lungs You are experiencing a lot of problems. One of them characterized by difficult breathing so the chest feels heavy and claustrophobic. To help relieve inflammation in the body, eat a variety of food and drinks that contain antioxidants such as:

  • Green tea

  • Green vegetables

  • Turmeric

  • Walnuts

  • Olive oil

  • Cherry

  • Strawberries

  • Apple

Reset example eat how to eat food that are more healthy help cleanse the lungs of passive smokers. This way also helps prevent the inflammation that already exists agat ain't getting worse.

5. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water will help hydrate the body and remove toxins as well as chemical substances existing in the cell including the lungs. In addition, drinking plenty of water also help You become more energetic.

Therefore, drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. You could add freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice into the water so that more favors and benefits more.

6. Often deep breathing exercises

To increase the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs, try to do deep breathing exercises. A study published in the journal Chest found evidence that deep breathing after heart surgery helps nourish the lungs.

Breathing techniques this one brings more oxygen and accelerate the healing. Formed a long breath, slowly, and in will help nourish the lungs. Not only that, the techniques also help to distribute oxygen-rich blood to the entire body.

7. Put the flora in the house

Put flora in the house bear so the way that You try to clean the lungs if You i.e. passive smokers. Plants produce oxygen, a substance vital to the necessary members of the to breathe. Not only that, the flora also help filter out toxins in the air in the house.

However, when put flora in the house, make sure he gets enough sunlight. If no, flora will actually breathe oxygen, not just produce it. As a result, the oxygen that You should be consumption will be reduced because the flora come breathe it.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a study in India found real evidence put flora in the room can help to reduce the irritation of the eyes, sit breathing problems, and headaches.