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Baby's skin to peel off in the first week, is it dangerous?

Every parent would be very happy when they have a newborn baby. Of course, all love will be poured on him, parents also always to look after the baby. When a baby experiences pain or certain physical changes, surely many parents feel anxious. One thing that is often worried about is baby peeling skin. Actually, what causes a baby's skin to peel? Is this dangerous? What should parents do?

What causes baby's skin to peel?
Actually, when you see skin peeling off in a newborn, you don't need to worry. The reason is, this is normal for every newborn baby. This peeling can occur in any part of the body, each baby will be different. From hands, feet, to ankles, the skin can be peeled off.

Newborn skin is sensitive and susceptible to interference or problems if there is a trigger. However, this is not what causes the baby's skin to peel in the first week. This condition is caused because the outer layer of baby's skin that functions as a protective layer in the womb begins to peel.

Yes, this skin layer is called vernix. So, while still in the womb, the baby is coated with a layer that is useful to protect the baby's skin in the amniotic fluid. At birth, this layer will disappear but not all. The rest will escape by itself over time after the baby is born. Therefore, for about 1 month the baby's skin is peeling

Then, what can I do to deal with baby's skin peeling?
Although baby's skin peeling is normal, you should still provide more skin care to the baby. This is to prevent other parts of the skin that are healthy, come peeling. Here are tips for preventing baby's skin from drying out and then more and more to peel:
  • Make sure the baby doesn't take too long to bathe. If you
     used to bathe your child for 20 minutes, then now reduce the duration to only 5-10 minutes. the longer you bathe your child, the drier the skin.
  • Use a moisturizer. There is no harm in keeping the skin moist with your baby's special moisturizer. In choosing a moisturizing product, you should also talk to your pediatrician.
  • Be careful with the use of detergents when washing baby clothes. The clothes that he wears on a daily basis, can be irritating and dry to the skin if the detergent you use is safe. Make sure that the X-ray products you use are safe.
Actually, not all baby's skin peeling is normal, sometimes this is indeed caused by health problems, such as eczema or even allergies. However, usually the skin disorder is accompanied by other skin symptoms such as skin flushing. If this happens, then immediately take your baby to the doctor for further examination.

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