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Find Out the Causes of Acne When Pregnant

In addition to nausea and muscle aches, many pregnant women complain of acne prone skin problems. This condition is indeed normal and is not something to worry about. However, what causes pimples to appear during pregnancy? So, how is it safe to get rid of pimples during pregnancy? Come on, find out the answer in the following review.

The cause of acne is prone to appear during pregnancy
The main cause of the appearance of acne is blockage of pores by dead skin cells, excessive oil, and bacteria. Apparently, this blockage is very vulnerable to occur in pregnant women. The trigger is a change in the level of hormones in the body during pregnancy.

The appearance of pimples during pregnancy is caused by an increase in the hormone androgen. This hormone functions androgens to support fetal development. But on the other hand, excessive production of androgen hormones causes the skin glands to produce more sebum

Oil production is actually needed by the skin to maintain moisture. Unfortunately, the amount is too much can clog pores so that pregnant women so it is easy to get pimples.

Acne can appear at any time during pregnancy. However, it most often occurs in the first trimester because the rise in hormones at that time is very rapid. Over time the zit will improve and reappear in the third trimester.

Facial treatments to deal with acne during pregnancy
Acne that appears during pregnancy can actually disappear on its own, usually after giving birth because the body's hormones will return to stability. After hormone levels stabilize, oil production in the sebaceous glands becomes more controlled.

However, maybe you are exasperated to want to get rid of it immediately rather than having to wait too long. Wait a minute! Careless use of acne medication during pregnancy can backfire for your health and the unborn child.

Do not also squeeze pimples by force because it can actually worsen the condition, even to the point of leaving scars.

Rather than squeeze, you better implement a safe way to deal with acne during pregnancy, as quoted from the following Mayo Clinic page:

1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser
To prevent the buildup of dead skin cells, excessive oil, and bacteria on the skin, you must be diligent in cleaning the face. Use a mild facial cleanser that is free of alcohol, coloring and fragrance, and does not contain salicylic acid.

Use warm water to wet and rinse the face when washing your face. Avoid rubbing the face when washing your face. The good, massage your skin with fingers slowly and evenly.

Generally, you can wash your face twice a day. However, you can adjust to skin conditions, especially if the face is very oily and dirty.

2. Regular shampooing
How to get rid of pimples during pregnancy next is to wash your hair regularly. This is highly recommended for people whose skin area around the hairline is prone to breakouts.

Dirt and hair oil can flow to the area of ​​facial skin carried by sweat. This can increase the risk of acne. Therefore, you need to maintain hair cleanliness so that the spotty skin does not get worse.

3. Avoiding irritants
Acne is very sensitive face with some cosmetic ingredients or facial cleansers. This can cause more irritation or blockage, for example cosmetic products that contain oil or alcohol.

The oil content in sunscreens can cause blockages. While excessive alcohol use can dry the skin. Both of these effects can worsen the condition of acne. Better, choose products that are water-based, oil free, or non-comedogenic. which is safer for acne prone skin.

The natural way to overcome and eliminate acne during pregnancy
Some natural ingredients are considered effective for treating acne during pregnancy, such as pure honey and coconut oil. The ingredients below you might even have in the kitchen.

1. Honey
Honey is famous for its good antibacterial and antiseptic properties to inhibit and kill bacteria.

First, rinse your face with warm water and dry it. Apply honey to the area of ​​the pimpled face and wait for 20 to 30 minutes. If it is dry enough, rinse with warm water. Do it in the morning and night to keep the skin moist and of course overcome the acne that is lodged in your face.

2. Coconut oil
Like honey, coconut oil also contains antibacterial and antiseptic compounds that have the potential to overcome acne during pregnancy.

Clean your face first with warm water, then apply coconut oil to the area of ​​the acne prone skin. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can also apply it before going to sleep, and leave it overnight before rinsing it out tomorrow morning.

3. Oatmeal and cucumber
A mixture of oatmeal and cucumber provides a cool effect for facial skin when used as a mask.

The way is easy. Blend the oatmeal and cut cucumber, then put it in the refrigerator. Apply to face for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. In addition to providing a cool sensation, your face will be cleaner with smaller pimples.

Interested in trying it? However, wait a minute. Before using home care, first consult a doctor. Perform a sensitivity test first in the area of ​​the skin of the hands, to find out whether you are allergic or not with these natural ingredients.

If the rash appears accompanied by itching after using honey or coconut oil, you should stop using it to prevent more severe skin irritation.

Treatment at the doctor to treat acne during pregnancy

In some cases, acne experienced by pregnant women can cause severe symptoms. If this condition is very disturbing, pregnant women need to take medical treatment. Do not use acne medicine without permission from the doctor.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the use of certain acne medications during pregnancy can interfere with fetal development and growth. Some drugs that must be avoided include tretinoin (an oral retinoid drug), isotretinoin, adapalene, and tetracycline antibiotics.

However, there are treatments that are classified as safe as a way to get rid of acne during pregnancy, such as the use of erythromycin and clindamycin in acne prone skin and laser therapy. However, this treatment is very necessary doctor's consideration.

Tips to prevent the appearance of acne during pregnancy
How to prevent the appearance of pimples during pregnancy is actually not far off the application in a natural way. You must be diligent in cleaning your face with the right cleaning products and regularly shampooing.

However, that is not all. Follow the following tips so that your face will no longer have problems with acne, such as:
  • Avoid the habit of touching the face because it can move hand bacteria to the skin
  • Diligent drinking water so that the skin remains well hydrated
  • Routinely replace pillowcases and towels as often as possible
  • Reduce fast food by increasing consumption of healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and contain healthy fats and protein
  • Do not use makeup that is too thick and clean your makeup before you sleep
Always consult a doctor before you use medication for acne without a prescription or natural ingredient, to avoid side effects.

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