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How Stress During Holidays Can Affect Your Fertility

Vacation has arrived. However, you instead become burdened with stress because of thinking about a messy vacation plan? Stress is certainly not healthy. Stress that continues to overload the mind can be bad for physical and emotional health, and maybe even your fertility. However, how big is the impact of stress during the holidays on fertility? Check out the reviews below to find out the answer.

Impact of stress during the holidays on fertility

The holiday season is not uncommon to cause stress and excessive fatigue due to various things. Starting from preparing food for guests, political coaches debate between family members, to spend no small amount for all purposes during the holidays.

The emergence of stress can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. When associated with fertility, there have been many studies that have tried to find out whether stress, especially during holidays, has an impact on fertility.

One of them is research from the journal Human Reproduction. The study reported, stressed women needed 29% longer to get pregnant. Decreased chance of pregnancy was apparently influenced by the high content of alpha-amylase in women who experience stress.

Alpha-amylase is an enzyme in saliva that can be an indicator of whether you are stressed or not.

In addition, stress is not the only reason that can affect alpha-amylase levels in the woman's saliva. There are several factors that can be a cause of stress. Starting from lifestyle, unhealthy eating patterns, smoking, and lack of exercise which can also reduce the chances of pregnancy.

However, researchers are still not sure the reason behind why high alpha-amylase levels can affect female fertility. Therefore, further research is still needed, whether the impact of stress during the holidays is very influential on fertility or not.

Stress during the holidays can lead to unhealthy lifestyles

According to Alice Domar, a researcher about infertility from Boston IVF, when stressed the body knows that it is not the right time to conceive a baby. In addition, women who experience stress tend not to want to have sex and vent their stress on cigarettes or drinking alcoholic beverages.

As a result, the chance of getting pregnant is getting smaller because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, if it is associated with stress during this coming seasonal holiday, the impact is quite influential on your fertility.

Stress arising from lack of sleep and feeling burdened when having to argue with your own family will affect your lifestyle during the holidays.

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as poor sleep quality and irregular eating patterns can certainly affect your fertility level.

Tips for dealing with stress during the holidays
As reported by the Harvard Health Publishing website, there are several ways to deal with stress. It is intended that the effects of stress during the holidays do not really affect your fertility.

1. Come home early
For those of you who feel their minds are burdened by stress during the holidays, try to leave the event early. That way, maybe you can avoid some things that you don't want to face, such as the question of when you have children or other topics.

If this is not possible, you can persuade the host to play a game that at least takes time so that sensitive topics are not discussed.

2. Filtering topics
In addition to leaving early, the impact of stress during the holidays on fertility can be reduced by filtering topics while talking with other guests.

You can start by not having to talk about such sensitive topics in too much detail. For example, you might feel like your siblings know that you want to have children. However, they do not need to know what treatment and treatment results are like.

Just provide basic information so as not to invite questions and comments that can burden your mind.

3. Keep on living a healthy lifestyle
For some people it might be a shame to skip food that is only available during the holidays. Indeed you can still eat dishes made by your grandmother once a year, but with a note not to consume them excessively.

Too much eating and having fun can actually cause stress and increased guilt.

In order to keep your lifestyle on track, there are several ways you might be able to help you stay healthy, such as:
  1. Get enough sleep, which is 7-8 hours a day.
  2. Eat healthy snacks before going to a party, like fruits.
  3. Keep exercising regularly during the holidays.
The impact of stress during the holidays on fertility has a considerable influence. Therefore, try to manage vacation stress as well as possible, especially if you are in a pregnancy program.

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