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Reduce Pain During Contractions Before Labor in the Following 5 Ways

Pain during labor comes from continuous contractions and pressure on the uterine muscles. Every woman can experience different sensations, but contraction pain is generally quite difficult to deal with. Even more so when the contractions are strong. So, is there an effective way to reduce pain during contractions?

Various ways to relieve pain during contractions
Pain during childbirth can be overcome by natural means and medication.

This natural method includes breathing techniques, muscle stretching, as well as other methods aimed at making the body more relaxed during labor.

If natural methods are not enough or there are special conditions, you can take certain types of drugs according to doctor's instructions. Here is a complete review:

1. Make yourself feel as comfortable as possible
The simplest way to reduce pain during contractions is to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible.

Before giving birth, take a moment to take a warm shower for a while. Then, apply a warm or cold compress to the area that feels pain.

Make sure your lying area is quite comfortable and soft. To make the body more relaxed, breathe the fragrance that you like while waiting for contractions.

If necessary, have your partner accompany you so that you feel calmer during labor.

2. Many move and change body position
In addition to reducing pain during contractions, moving a lot and changing body position also helps adjust the position of the fetus in the womb.

Every movement you make can push the fetal head towards the birth canal so that the birth process becomes easier.

You can try walking, crouching, sitting on the edge of the bed, or leaning on both hands and feet.

You can also move on birthing ball, which is a large ball that is commonly used as a tool for gymnastics.

3. Touch or massage certain body areas
This method is simple, but effective enough to relieve pain during contractions.

Try asking your partner to massage your hands, feet, temples, or other body parts that you want to divert pain and make you feel more relaxed.

If the massage instead causes discomfort, you can try a softer touch.

Ask your partner to hold your hand, stroke your cheeks and hair, or do other touches that can reduce pain during contractions.

4. Take medicine
Consumption of drugs can be relied upon to deal with contraction pain in quick time.

However, make sure you have talked with your doctor about taking drugs during labor to find out the benefits and risks.

Launch the Kids Health page, several types of drugs that can be used include:

Analgesics work by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the nervous system.

Local anesthesia (anesthesia)
Local anesthetics relieve pain in areas of the body that need it. Examples of local anesthetics that are often used are epidurals.

This drug works by reducing pain in the lower body during contractions.

Although it does not relieve pain, this drug can make you more calm and relaxed during labor.

Pain is a common part of labor. However, pain that is so intense can also be an obstacle that needs to be treated immediately.

This is the thing that all pregnant women need to understand before delivery.

While there is still time before labor, you can start learning various ways to reduce pain during contractions.

Don't forget to consult your obstetrician to make it more effective.

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