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Can Men Use Facial Soap for Women Only?

source : forbes

Compared to facial soap for men, women's facial soap is more frequent and easy to find. Even more variants for women's facial soap. This triggers most men to use women's facial soap when cleaning their faces. However, is it safe for men to use facial soap for women, or is it dangerous for their skin health?

Women's facial soap for men

Male and female facial skin does tend to be different. On average, men do have a greasy face compared to women's skin. This is due to the amount of collagen in the middle skin layer (dermis) in men is higher than in women.

Another thing that distinguishes the skin of the two is the habit of men shaving hair on the face, both mustache and beard. This habit has the effect of exfoliating on a man's face. Because of these skin types and habits, there are differences in the raw materials used in facial soap for men and women.

Facial soap for men usually has the addition of certain ingredients. These additives can soften beards or contain exfoliants which can help reduce facial hair growth.

But, in addition to these ingredients, other ingredients in men's face soap are the same as women's face soap. Such materials are for example synthetic surfactants, fatty acids, or soap.

So it's actually fine if you occasionally use a woman's facial soap, because almost all of the ingredients are the same. Although indeed, when you continue to use soap, your face does not get

Well, what should be considered is the type of facial soap that will be used. Whether the product is intended for women or men, but the main thing you have to know whether the product is really for your skin type.

However, women are not advised to use facial soap for men because the additional ingredients that are contained in facial soap for men tend to be tougher and not suitable for women's facial skin that is more sensitive and prone to skin problems.

Facial soap is good for men based on skin type

For men, using facial soap for women is not a problem. It's just, you should choose according to skin type.

1. Normal skin

If your skin is normal, your skin will not have problems with all types of facial soap, both face soap for oily or dry skin, both of which have no special differences. This happens because you have good blood circulation and your pores are not very visible.

Certainly, the use of facial soap works to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on your face. So, even if your skin is not problematic, you still have to be diligent in washing and cleaning it. You are free to choose the type of facial cleanser for men and women that suits your taste.

2. Oily skin

Meanwhile, if your skin tends to be oily, your pores will tend to be bigger and more visible. In addition, oil on your face will appear more easily even if you have just washed your face using soap. Therefore, it is better if you choose the type of facial soap for men or women who can withstand the production of oil on the face.

Given the oil production in men more than oil production in women, choose the type of facial soap that can control oil on the face better.

But remember, do not choose facial soap that can make your skin too dry, because it makes it too dry it will cause the effect of producing more facial oil.

3. Dry skin

Although men tend to have oily skin types, it does not mean that no man has dry skin. Usually, this skin condition is characterized by skin that is itchy or flaking easily, and feels tight.

Men with skin like this should use a type of facial soap that can remove dust and dirt on the face but will not inhibit natural oils. Types of facial soap for men and women that are suitable for this skin condition are products that can help skin hydrated.

4. Sensitive skin

In addition to oily skin, many men also feel that they have sensitive skin types. This type of skin is usually caused by parts of the skin overgrown with hair such as mustaches or beards.

In fact, parts of the skin covered with hair on the face with other parts of the skin may be different types or types, and must be treated in different ways.

To deal with sensitive skin, facial soap for men and women that can be used is soap that does not contain alcohol, fragrances, or other harmful chemicals. We recommend choosing facial soap with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera or chamomile which is good for the skin.