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Can Men Use Moisturizing Women?

source : quora

One of the must-have facial skin care products is a moisturizer, aka moisturizer. Besides helping to hydrate the skin, moisturizer is also effective for refreshing the face and making it look healthy. There are tons of facial moisturizer products that line up neatly in the shop window.

But the question is, can female facial moisturizers be used by men? Are there any possible side effects? Well, instead of assuming yourself, let's look at the answers in the following review!

Why do men need to use facial moisturizers?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is the first line of defense against disease and infection. That's why not only women, men also need to take good care of their skin health.

Well, one of the men's skin care products that should not be missed is a moisturizer. With regular use of facial moisturizers, men will avoid the problem of dry skin.

This product also helps protect the skin from the risk of premature aging due to UV exposure. For owners of sensitive skin, regular use of moisturizer can also prevent skin irritation.

Then, can men use women's moisturizer products?

Skin care products such as moisturizers on the market are usually packaged in two versions, namely special moisturizers for men and specifically for women.

Although they contain the same active ingredients, male and female facial moisturizer products contain different concentrations. For example, if a woman's facial moisturizer has an active ingredient of around 2 percent, a male facial moisturizer can be higher than that.

It was made not without cause. Harold Lancer, a dermatologist from Bevery Hills USA in the Howsturffworks page that cites the Washington Post explains that when viewed from physiological characteristics, men's skin tends to be thicker than women.

The epidermis (outer skin) of men is 20 percent thicker than women. Because it is thicker, men's skin is able to bind moisture and produce more collagen at all ages.

On the other hand, high levels of male testosterone also affect hair growth (especially in the face area) and trigger the production of sebum or their oil glands. This condition causes men to tend to have larger skin pores.

Due to having different concentrations, you should use a moisturizer product that is designed specifically for men. The goal is of course to get optimal benefits from these skin care products.

How to use the right face moisturizer

Most people might think that using a moisturizer is as simple as applying it and spread it all over your face. The fact is, it's not like that. There are steps that need to be taken so that the facial moisturizer products used produce maximum benefits.

The following guidelines for using facial moisturizers that men and women need to know:

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends applying moisturizer to the face and body immediately after bathing, washing your face, or shaving, because at that time the skin is still moist.

Gently pat your face briefly with a clean towel to remove any residual water that is still dripping.
Take a moisturizer with enough index finger and then dabble all over your face.
Flatten from the outer side of the face to the middle with circular movements up and while massaging slowly.

After that, take another moisturizer sufficient to be worn on the neck.