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How The Process Of A City Undergoing Quarantine Related Covid-19?

President Jokowi announced the first two problems positive COVID-19 in Indonesia, the patient is known to reside in the City of Depok, West Java. With the transmission of the two people is whether the government will implement quarantine the city to prevent the transmission of COVID-19?

Some when after the announcement of the issue of positive COVID-19 in Indonesia, the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil convey of West Java in the condition of standby one. People flocked to shop for all the needs. Of masks, cleaning equipment, until the material food.

In addition to be careful of contracting COVID-19, they also buy materials cuisine the reason is that a worry will be the absence of lockdown or quarantine of the city. But how pitched in terms of a quarantined city? The experience of cities in other countries might be an idea.

How the quarantine process of the city that are exposed to the COVID-19?

Plague COVID-19 namely pathogenic gres are highly contagious, able to spread rapidly, and its impact not only on health but also considered can make the impact of the economic and social.

Research and understanding of the particulars of the outbreak COVID-19 is still growing. However, the understanding of which is not finished yet this also demanded a preparedness outstanding from the government in the handle and banish COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the plague COVID-19, until Saturday (3/3) Indonesia has been investigating the 339 people suspect, that two of them have been declared positive. According to the cue of the WHO, although the gres two problems confirmed, Indonesia should install a loud alarm to prevent the transmission of many more.

The current team of the Ministry of Health is still in the process of tracking, trace people who contact exclusive positive patients COVID-19. The government has not yet felt the need to carry out quarantine City of Depok, the place where found patient positive COVID-19

Director general of Disease Control and Prevention Ministry of health RI, Anung Sugihantono, said that up to now there has been no cues to carry out the insulation region. There has been no official indicators issued health authorities quarantine the city when an outbreak occurs.

However the countries with the spread of the plague COVID-19 severe there are already decided to carry out the quarantine of the city. This is done according to the policy of each country. The number of indications of the victim are different.

The following countries decided to carry out the quarantine of the city or lockdown:

Italian quarantine 11 cities to prevent COVID-19

Italy announced to carry out the quarantine of the city on Friday (23/2). This decision is made the Italian government after the numbers problem a positive COVID-19 to reach 100 patients.

Italy decided to implement quarantine on the 11 cities. Believe Codogno, Castiglione d'adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castel Gerundo, and San Fiorano in the Province of Lombardy and Vo’ Euganeo in the Province of Veneto.

The Italian government convey is that urgent steps to stop the spread of the epidemic more broadly.

By doing the insulation on these cities then the canal from the and there is limited very strictly. People are asked to remain in the house.

As the action continued, the Italian government convey are considering the “exceptional step” to combat the virus corona, after janjkematian two citizens.

Positive cases COVID-19 in Italy has increased dramatically, per Tuesday (3/3) total issue reached 2036 with the victims of the 52 victims died. Some of the other towns in Italy also cancel events annual bazaar is like the Carnival of Venice and some of the bazaar the other.

South Korea shut down the City of Daegu

The spread of the plague COVID-19 to South Korea including one of the most surprising. COVID-19 spread quickly in South Korea and the case is drastically increased in a few days.

On February 20, the total positive problem COVID-19 in South Korea amounted to 104, that number increased many-fold four days later to 700 cases. With which seven of the victims died.

The South Korean government raised the status of the plague becomes the standby one. The prevention of the spread COVID-19 exclusive with one of them carrying out quarantine city of Daegu.

A public accommodation, like a library and school was closed, all the people are encouraged to remain in the room.

Daegu is a city the first time it detects the problem a positive COVID-19 in South Korea. Here is found a superspreader in a church place in Daegu, South Korea. The rate of transmission performed by the superspreader is higher than ordinary people, so the issue of positive COVID-19 rising fast.

Most of the problems centered around the Church of Shincheonji is Jesus, a religious sect in the southern city of Daegu.

The current total problem COVID-19 that infect in South Korea reach 5186, with which 28 people fatalities and 34 people have been declared cured, whereas the rest are still in treatment.

China Shut Down Access To The City Of Wuhan

Wuhan city as the main center of the spread of the plague COVID-19 be the first to carry out the quarantine of the city. Wuhan closed from the outside world, the canal of dann to Wuhan limited.

Citizen of the absurd that has come out of Wuhan had to be evacuated by the government through the mechanism of strict, including Indonesia.

This became the first time in the modern history of the country lock 11 million people in one city. Media-the media gives the title “Wuhan Lockdown”.

Cities around Wuhan also carry out the insulation of the city like the City of Wenzhou and Zhejiang. The city only allow one person in a family to get out of the house, it was restricted to two per day.

This response is praised WHO, they call this policy even outside the guidelines of China itself, but is a quick decision response the better.

China also deftly composing the setting of the transmission chain of health services in a variety of settings from cities to outlying districts.

WHO also asked what had been undertaken in China in the face of COVID-19 can be used as a lesson for other countries.

“The steps the Chinese take a step without compromise and hard to withstand transmission of the virus COVID-19 that is an important lesson for the global” write the WHO in the report of the WHO-China Joint Mission COVID-19.