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How To Deal With Children Victims Of Bullying?


Bullying or abuse on a child is very often encountered and cannot be avoided. What to do when our children become victims of bullying? How to put child the victim of bullying? Certainly no one the smell of the ground who want their children to become victims of bullying. There are a few things that people need to smell the ground understand about the bullying on the child when being a victim and how to deal with such conditions.

What need to people the smell of the land do when faced with a child victim of bullying?

As a parent, there are several things that can be done when faced with a child victim of bullying, namely:

  • Dare to defend themselves or say no when overwhelmed

  • Do not retaliate, but endure or avoid (for example when hit is better dodge or parry)

  • Understand that every person has advantages and disadvantages

  • Focus on the actual matters which are in themselves

  • Discuss or chat with the adults, resembling the parents, a brother, or a teacher that can help.

When You train the kids to defend themselves when subjected to bullying, tell your little one that the situation must be notified to the adults. Whether it's parents, teachers, or parties that can help the environment is safe and conducive. So, bullying is not just the responsibility of the child, but also all the people that are in that environment.

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How to let people smell the ground not impressed meddle with the affairs of the child?

Not a few people the smell of the soil that the face with anger when he learned the child becomes the victim of bullying. When this happens to Your child, you should avoid scolding the child directly. As a parent, You need to understand that when she abused or bullied, the child project science complete the problem themselves. So, you should still give a chance to the child to face bullying they experienced because da-induced ugly when people smell the soil too interfere the child's life.

It is not recommended to personally scold the child carrying out the bullying, but invite people to smell the ground the other work together in making the environment better. You can pass on the people the smell of the ground “I see my son beaten, can chat there what happened?” this is better than a private scolding the perpetrator of bullying with the phrase “Your child hit my child!”

This is important because people smell the ground need to face and build a safe and secure environment, although Your child become a victim of bullying.

How can we encourage victims of bullying let me not be a trauma?

There are many many ways to motivate and confront the child victim of bullying and the way is also different. But the important thing is the focus in teaching children to love themselves and see the actual have children. I love a quote that may help, Some people like you, some people don't. In the end you just have to be yourself.” – Andres Iniesta.

Is there a type of bullying that needs to be known by the parents?

Know the types very important let people smell the ground can understand and know what to do when faced with a child becomes the victim of bullying. There are some references to types of bullying, there is a type of bullying physically, it resembles hitting, kicking, pinching, to destroy the goods belonging to another child.

There are also types of bullying - verbal, this is bullying that is done by removing the words insult. Like having a nickname of the name, mockery, slander, insult, to sexual harassment. Types of bullying next is bullying relational that is often overlooked because not considered as abuse. The type of bullying this form of behavior is ostracism, neglect, up to avoidance. Such as the glance of the eyes, the laughter that mocked, to sigh.

For this type of bullying as it often happens in times of digital resemble now, that is cyber bullying. This is abuse in the form of a negative message through social media. Such as swearing, mocking, send the message that painful, or send a picture to embarrass someone to be offended.

Is there a special activity that can be done in the face of a child victim of bullying to help trauma?

There are several ways to deal with the child victims of bullying by showing special activity. You can show benefits in children with being a good listener. How to give charity to the little one with invite children to tell stories while playing.

When the child was telling you about daily activities, ask her how she feels. What makes it comfortable and not on a daily basis. This helps children let me be more open and not to hesitate when you want to tell the story.

When is the perfect time for a consultation with a psychologist?

Consult with a psychologist has been very necessary to do, when bullying interferes with the activity of children day-to-day. For example, the values in the school down, often crying for, suffering for 1-2 weeks, to not go to school.