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Mothers Eat Junk Food When Pregnant, Is It Safe?

Is it safe when pregnant mothers eat junk food when pregnant? Whether it will be a great arm ruling for pregnancy? That question usually came upon pregnant women when hormonal changes occur that effect on the appetite. Especially when pregnant, nutrients that are necessary not only for the mother, but also to the fetus.

Check out the answers from the above questions in the following reviews:

Are there any effects of eating junk food when pregnant?

Junk food is a term that refers to food with high content of calories, sugar, and high fat. Actually, many have realized that junk food is not food that is healthy. Even so, junk food is still sold to be perfect when you're hungry, not to mention pregnant women.

Eating junk food on when pregnant in tandem safe, but junk food often result in the impact of addiction that could culminate in the consumption of that excess. Excess eat junk food this is what will be a impact which is not good for the health of the mother and the fetus.

Raise the weight

Weight gain that is the thing that will undoubtedly occur when the period of pregnancy. However, changes in body weight response pregnant hormone is certainly different with the change of the weight of the body because the consumption of junk food when pregnant.

Junk food contains saturated fat high. Increase the weight of the body the excess will be at risk on complications in pregnancy resembling pre-eclampsia, premature birth, and birth defects. In addition, junk foods also contain high sugar content which could result in gestational diabetes.

Eating junk food could trigger the risk of allergies when pregnant

It turns out, the food with the level of high sugar that is consumed too often could trigger asthma in children.

It is presented from a study published by the European Respiratory Journal. The consumption of sugar in junk food excess when pregnant could increase the risk of asthma and allergy when the child reached the age of 7 to 9 years old.

In these studies, the food that are high in sugar believed to be able to large arm ruling against the immune system in the canal the air becomes more susceptible to inflammation and allergies.

Inflammation is what will lead to narrowing of the canal the air and encourages the production of mucus and pointed at the signs of asthma resemble shortness of breath.

A child is born with the weight of the body low

It is not impossible for the junk food that You often consume while pregnant could have an impact on the weight of the body birth of Your child.

Some of the food that belonged to the junk food such as French fries have substance the man they call Acyrlamide. This chemical is formed when food is fried with oil temperature very high.

The higher the level of Acyrlamide in Your body, the higher also the risk of a baby born with a head circumference that is small and heavy low body.

Digestive disorders

Digestive problems normal occur during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes. If You do not change the example of eating, the consumption of food less fiber when pregnant will worsen the health of the digestive.

The type of food junk foods also have fiber content which is very little, whereas the fibers have utility to prevent discomfort responses constipation.

Cause addiction to junk food on children

A study conducted by scientists from The Royal Veterinary College, Uk, found that the habit of the mother to consume food less healthy when pregnant can also have an impact on the appetite of the child.

Experiments conducted on pregnant mice who were fed-the food is elegant and high in fat. As a result, mice give birth to a child which is heavy and happy eating junk food.

On when still in the womb, the habit of eating junk food on the expectant mother will change the circuits in the fetal brain that creates the child is having difficulty when the refused food with a high fat content.

To overcome the ideals of eating junk food when pregnant

You certainly want to avoid a lot of risks that could result from the consumption of junk food excess. Naturally, when the aspiration to consume food with sugar and fat appear. If You feel difficulty to hold it, You can do some of the following tips:

  • Provide a healthy snack. Snack resembles the energy of a cafe or sliced apples enough to overcome the hungry pause in the middle of the feeding schedule.

  • Do not skip breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is very important especially when You start the day by eating food that is healthy resembles milk with a few sheets of rye bread and slices of fruits. A healthy breakfast could reduce Your goals to eat snacks full of sugar.

  • Make a healthier alternative. If the ideals of eating junk food when pregnant unbearable, You are able to create a clone that is healthy. For example, roasted potato slices to replace the French fries that You usually buy from fast food restaurants.

  • Eat a little bit. Legitimate only if You buy one serving of favorite burger. However, remember to consume with the portion a little more.

  • Do exercise routine. In addition to maintaining fitness, exercise can also distract You from the desire of eating junk food.