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Preparations For The Plague Covid-19 In The House

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What preparation needs to be done to confront outbreak of COVID-19 in the house? Do You need to hoard items as much as possible and dwells in the house? It turns out that the plea of forum health is not so.

The preparation that needs to be done to face the plague COVID-19

As reported by the CDC, preparation for outbreaks of infectious diseases, like COVID-19 turns out to be quite important. But, no need to panic the reason is precisely that will only worsen the situation.

This preparation is able to apply on the members of the family, school, and work area. This is because the outbreak COVID-19 might be able to last a long time. It all depends on the severity of the disease and how the government is handling the outbreak of this, like slow down the spread of the disease.

For those confused where to start when preparing, here are some steps that could be followed to facilitate You, such as:

1. Make detailed planning in the home

One of the preparations that need to be done when the plague COVID-19 occurred is the creation of the planning a detailed household. This plan aims to protect You and other family members from the risk of infected with the virus.

You could start with collecting of family members, relatives, and friends to discuss what needs to be done when a disease outbreak occurs in the environment. So, You know what is needed by each person.

After that, create planning how to take care of people at risk of getting an infection, like the elderly or people who have chronic diseases. They are more susceptible to COVID-19 and spread serious complications.

If You or other family members at risk of experiencing complications, consult to a health service already informed the government.

Then, get to know Your neighbors. Discuss with them the preparations that need to be done in the face of an outbreak COVID-19. By doing so, You and they are able to know planning what is lacking or what could they help when the plague happened.

Don't forget to makea list of emergency contacts and make sure each family member has the number.

2. Familiarize healthy routine at home and other areas

After finished creating the planning, the preparation of the next in the face of an outbreak COVID-19 is accustom to a healthy routine. A healthy routine that is meant is to carry out the actions of prevention of abscess virus everyday from now on, such as:

  • avoid contact with sick people

  • stay at home when sick, unless absolutely need to the hospital

  • cover orally when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or sleeve

  • house cleaning and surface objects that are frequently touched with soap and water

  • often wash your hands for 20 seconds, especially before eating and after the toilet

In addition, it provides a special room that is used to separate ill family members than those who are healthy also needs to be done. In fact, if possible, wear a separate toilet area can be one of preparation for the outbreak of the disease COVID-19.

Do not forget to clean the rooms on a regular basis and as needed, especially when family members are sick.

3. Prepare yourself when public service is closed temporarily

Quarantine the city conducted in Wuhan, China, resulted in some accommodation of the general shut down for a while. Starting from schools, offices, until the centers of shopping are not able to be accessed by the public.

As one of the preparations that need to be done before it happens is to learn the planning operations of emergency issued by the government. For example, when the plague COVID-19 resulted in tens of thousands of cases in China, local health officials shut the school may risk transmission of the virus is reduced.

Then it's, understand the planning of continuing education and social services during the school is closed it turns out need to wish You and family members better prepare yourself.

In the meantime, don't forget to look at the planning of emergency what is prepared in Your office when the plague COVID-19 occurred. Try to start to discuss sick leave and options to work from home when need to care for family members who are sick.

This preparation turned out to be done I hope You do not panic when it should not arrive to the office or child's school is closed for a while.

4. Help the child to protect himself

How with the preparation of the child's face COVID-19? Things that need to be done in preparation for the outbreak of this disease is to help them.

As reported by UNICEF, there are many ways that You can afford to do to help children facing an outbreak of the disease that struck in the vicinity.

Most children will probably heard about COVID-19 and rely on the parent to understand the situation. This is because their normal life is changed and interrupted the answer to such outbreaks, so parents need to work together with the child.

As a parent, You are able to help the child understand disease outbreaks through the game, a fairy tale, or role-play. For example, parents able to draw or read a fairy tale about the hero that fight the virus in their body.

By doing so, You are able to show information in an open and relevant to the child. Try not to pronounce the word, “this topic is the topic of the adult, the child will not understand,”.

Then, answer the child's questions honestly about the situation at hand could be good preparation in the face of an outbreak COVID-19. In addition, do not forget to remind the child may not be in crowded areas and are susceptible to transmission of infection.

5. Carry out preparation to face the plague

Make preparations to face the plague COVID-19 is a good step. However, the preparation need to run not when undesirable things happen?

On when the plague COVID-19 began to spread around You, don't forget to always look for the information about the disease. However, given the level of news hoaks in the public media is quite high, try to get information from the official forum of public health.

If Your body feels does not fit, try to remain in the house, especially when visible symptoms COVID-19.

In addition, do not forget to communicate with others through telephone or e-mail. If You live alone and exposed to the sick when the plague takes place, seek support from friends, family, or health care provider.

Don't forget to keep the emotional health of You and other family members. The outbreak of the disease was able to make stress for people sampaumur and children.

By doing so, the preparation You do not be vain for the face of an outbreak COVID-19.

Basically, the key preparations for the plague COVID-19 is do not panic, remain calm, and increase alertness. If You or other family members are experiencing signs of a disease like SARS , the immediately consult to the service of the nearest hospital.

The preparation of the plague COVID-19, should the stock of food supplies?

For most people is probably one of the preparation of the face of an outbreak COVID-19 is to collect supplies dishes need to be done. In fact, it's not too necessary.

Panic and concern result in people flocking to arrive to the supermarket. According to reports from a number of media, on when the case COVID-19 in Indonesia gres just confirmed, many people are panic buying of food supplies.

One of the adept from the University of Edinburgh, Mark Woolhouse, told News Scientist opine that buying a inventory cuisine is not expected during the COVID-19. Nevertheless, it never hurts to make sure the requirements remain unfulfilled at least for three days.

However, try not to buy a number of of cuisine that is expected over a period of time for two weeks. By doing so, You are not wasting cuisine which is precisely expected by the people who need it more.

A lot of things that need to be considered when carrying out the preparation in the face of an outbreak COVID-19. Don't forget to equip yourself with the latest information about related diseases and maintain the health of yourself and hopefully the risk of transmission is low.