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Psychological Impact Of The Child Who Grew Up Without A Mother

As a figure giving birth, a mother certainly has a very important role for his children. In fact, the bond between the child and the mother already woke up since still in the womb. Orphanage of the mother will also be very strong against the development of mental and emotional child. However, how return if the child grew up without a mother?

The psychological impact of children who grow up without a mother

The absence of a mother in the life of the child will give different effects depending on several factors.

One of the biggest factors that is the incident that causes a child to lose his mother. There is left the reason that the death, there went the response of divorce, there are also abandoned although still living in one house or adjacent.

In addition, other factors resemble the age of the child when left by the mother is also strong in the way children react to a sense of loss.

However, a life without mothers will certainly show a great influence on the child's emotional state. At first, they tend to dwell on a mind of its own and questioned the reason for the departure of the mother.

Children may feel lonely, especially when considering that they do not get the care and affection expected of a mother. When don't got the answer, grow up feeling anger and despair on the child's self-esteem.

It creates children often experience emotional changes that are sudden. Change is what makes it will be difficult to communicate with people in the vicinity.

Children who grow up not with the mother has a low level of trust

Children who grow up without maternal affection also tend to have low levels of trust, both in yourself and others. This often happens to minors who are abandoned by a mother figure. Accustomed to ignored creating children often feel worthless.

As a result, the child always feel doubt and do not believe in yourself. When they successfully carry out a achievement, instead of feeling happy they even consider that the achievement of the not a struggle of the self, but rather just a stroke of luck.

The time grow old enough later, the child may be experiencing difficulties when building relationships with others. When the mother as his closest people don't even show affection is desirable, the child so don't want to expect to get it from other people.

Although the above influences are generally not experienced by the minors who live without the mother the reason that death, loss figure closest to forever also will certainly leave inner wounds in children.

When the child is too outdated to grieve and find a way out to stop the sadness, children so are more prone to symptoms of depression. He will tend to withdraw from their environment and experience a decrease in academic performance than ever before.

Raising a child without the presence of the mother

Raising a child without a mother may is not an easy thing. Especially if You that is a father gres just lost his wife. However, don't get too worn out to drag on in sadness. Here is some things that can be done to help You:

  • Give the child Your attention completely. Especially if Your child only, children living without mother would often feel lonely. Leave some time to play with the kids.

  • If the work schedule does not allow, look for areas of the nursery that is perfect and license is or a nanny to watch her at Your work.

  • Include the child in activities which he love resembles a sport or join a painting class, it could also invite children to try an event that has never been done before.

  • Adopt pets. This way is believed to be able to reduce stress and feelings of sadness.

  • Teach children discipline by applying the law of small resembles put the shoes in place after each move and clean up the room after play.

  • Give food healthy and nutritious. It is important to keep You and your minor may remain healthy.

Sometimes, honest to the child if You are experiencing hard times is not a bad thing. Remain assure to minors that this will soon pass and everything will be fine even without the presence of the mother. If the child starts to show signs and changes in attitudes that are drastic, immediately went to consult.