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Should Child Use Skin Care?

Using a skin care routine is one step that must be done if you want to have a healthy and clean skin. Usually, the use of skin care starts when a person begins to become teens, the reason on when that skin begins to change and appear a variety of problems similar to acne. However, what about babies and children? Whether or not adults should not use skin care?

May not adults use skin care?

Actually, the skin has the procedure of protection of the natural which is referred to as its barrier function. Nobody said that the baby's skin that gres was born have a barrier function that is equivalent to the skin of an adult.

The barrier function of the skin is the outermost layer of skin cells with the lipid matrix consisting of ceramides and fatty acids. This layer serves to protect the skin from irritation of the external environment and free radicals.

The concept is the same similar walls of stone brick. Skin cells that dry likened to similar watu brick, while cement liaison watu brick that the lipid matrix was.

The characteristics of this barrier is water-resistant, so will prevent the loss of water in the skin which later could become a barrier of entry irritation dangerous.

However, still the skin of the baby and the little boy has differences when compared to adult skin. The skin of the baby and immature is certainly more soft, sensitive, and fragile.

In addition, the development of the skin has not yet mature is also still ongoing in the early years of growth. Some of the structure of the skin certain similar sebaceous glands that serves as a skin moisturizer, still not working maximum similar moisture the skin of a teenager.

Even a small child is at risk of developing disturbances in the barrier function of the reason their skin has higher water content. The skin of the small child also has a natural moisturizing factor that is much lower.

First baby gres was born does not have a coat of acid which balances the lipids between cells to maintain hydration of the skin. The acid mantle of this gres are formed during the first month the baby is born.

Layer of the skin of small children is 30% thinner than adult skin. These factors could increase the risk of young children against disease of the skin caused by exposure to UV rays. It is not impossible that there would be a risk against skin cancer since early.

Choose skin care for children

After knowing how sensitive and vulnerable skin of children, the use of skin care is certainly needed to show extra protection on baby's skin.

You should certainly pay more attention when cleaning the skin of Your child is the reason it is going strong on his health.

Especially if Your child is in the age group who are active-active to explore the environment in approximately similar 3-5 years. Such children are prone to exposure to dirt after a day of playing outside, also when they feed themselves not infrequently the rest-the rest of the cuisine is inherent in the cheeks.

But, of course, skin care is meant for children is not a similar product for adults. You should consider the differences in the structure of the skin has not yet mature when want to wear the right product.

The products You select to bathe the child must also be considered. Better choose a soap or other products that do not contain fragrances. The reason is, products that have fragrances usually have a content of chemical substances that are too harsh for children's skin.

So that the child skin remains moist, the products of skin care that could be used is moisturizer. Especially if Your child is often dwells in the AIR-conditioned room.

Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, specialist dermatologist, advises to wear a moisturizer that is made from cream rather than the lotion is the reason more resistant outdated and not fast-drying.

To determine products the right moisturizer, You should not buy a moisturizer specifically for children. Moisturizing without content fragrance could also be used.

A moisturizer applied to the skin within three minutes after bathing or before going to bed. Use, the use of a moisturizer will help maintain skin hydration was obtained when the bath.

It is also important to wear protective products when go to the places that there are a lot of mosquitoes and insects. In addition wear clothes and trousers, apply also these products before traveling. Choose a product that contains 10-30 % DEET.

Do not use the product around the eyes and mouth, it is not recommended also be used on infants under two months.

Children also need to wear sunscreen

The skin actually needs the intake of vitamin D which is able to obtained from sunlight. However, similar to that already described, the skin layer of a small child who is thin makes it more sensitive to UV rays. By the reason that, children also need to wear sunscreen.

Select the product sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen should also be water resistant and contains SPF 30. For children who have sensitive skin, choose a sunscreen with a material of zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

The material is physically blocking the rays of the sun penetrate the skin and will not make the taste of summer. The irritation arising from such material is also less than with sunscreen that contains other chemical substances.

Remember that wearing sunscreen does not mean You are able to let children play outdoors in a long time. Still limit sun exposure in children and apply re susncreen every two hours.

If Your child has a skin problems similar to eczema, redness, or baby's sensitive skin be sure to your doctor first that the skin care products used are indeed safe.