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The Impact Of Overthinking For The Health Of The Body

You may think the habit of overthinking is the usual thing. Overthinking can indeed be experienced by anyone. Many consider overthinking as a behavior be careful before giving a decision. But in fact, too often overthinking also able to show the impact of that is not good for Your health.

Overthinking is not a good habit

Overthinking is a term that is often aimed at people who think too much. However do not mistakenly equate it with thinkers, people who overthinking often think of trivial things in excess.

The research explained that many overthinker who feel this habit will further help them in understanding the situation from many sides.

Overthinking is considered as a natural thing. In fact, from a study conducted by the University of Michigan, found that 73% of the age group of 25-35 years often carry out the habit of overthinking, so also with 52% of the age group of 45-55 years.

It is not realized, overthinking will not create sitting problems become lighter. Overthinking is not a disorder that only occurs temporarily, but able to show the impact on Your mental health in later life.

How the impact of overthinking on health?

Stuck on the regrets of the later and too fixated on the scenario of “what if...” each time wish to give decisions often experienced the overthinker. Not infrequently a lot of the possibilities that occurred to that scenario ugly that are not necessarily going to happen. In fact, the sat problems encountered are also not as heavy as some think.

An aide clinical professor of the department of psychiatry NYU Langone Health, Laura Price, said on Huffington Post that overthinking creates our gut is not working optimally and it will culminate in the selection of the wrong decision.

You will also fall in the situation of analysis paralysis, where You keep thinking about something repeatedly without being able to find a solution. Not only a waste of time, energy too drained and this can hinder You to carry out something.

Another study conducted in the UK also stated overthinking will give the impact of ugly on Your creativity, it is affiliated with the brain work better when the process is cognitive in a state of calm. The more often You are overthinking, the greater the obstacle the mental that creates Your so frustrated and not able to think more creatively.

When it is left too long, Your brain will be accustomed to worrying about good and bad things You have done. Not only have repercussions on mental health, excessive concern also able to give impact on Your physical health.

The impact of overthinking on physical health

The impact often overthinking can cause stress. On when then the central nervous system in the body will send a signal to the adrenal glands for you to take the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. The release of both hormones is hypnotizing the production of blood sugar from the liver organ which will have the purpose to give energy.

Unfortunately if the energy is unused, the body will absorb the blood sugar back. As a result of these processes cause the effect resembles the heart rate increased, dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, breath hasty to interfere with concentration.

Not infrequently overthinking also create Your so hard to sleep. The brain is constantly forced to think of creating the eye difficult to close. Your worries will create the body becomes silent increasingly difficult. The impact of the ugly end of the lack of sleep has been widely known, one of which is the lack of energy that is expected to undergo activity.

Other health problems that haunt You that is the declining immunity associated with the release of cortisol, an inflammation of the body that have an impact on the health of the skin, increasing the risk of sitting cardiovascular problems, and gastrointestinal disorders.

What can be done to reduce the overthinking?

After knowing the impact of the ugly that could appear the end of overthinking, there are some things that You can afford to do let me able to reduce this habit, namely:

  • Take control of Your mind. Give a time limit, let You not think about something over and over again.

  • Realize that the scenario of the ugly that appear in Your head are just the result of concerns that excess.

  • Brood too worn will not resolve the problem. Better self reflection and learning from mistakes let me able to avoid it on other occasions.

  • Switch habit of overthinking by going out and carrying out activities You enjoy. Sports resembling swimming and running could be an option to let your mind rest for a moment.