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10 Ways To Prevent Diabetes That Can Be Done Starting Today

Once you have been diagnosed, diabetes cannot be cured. 

Someone who has this disease will continue to have it for life. 

Diabetes treatment regimens also generally last a lifetime to maintain blood sugar levels remain normal. 

Therefore, it will always be better to implement various methods of prevention rather than treating diabetes. 

So, what diabetes prevention can you do?

How to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness and kidney failure in adults. 

Many studies have also reported that people with diabetes are at high risk of complications from heart disease and various other chronic diseases.

Even so, calm down. Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is very easy to prevent. 

About 9 out of 10 cases of diabetes can be avoided with simple precautions that include lifestyle changes to be healthier.

Lifestyle changes are not only effective in preventing diabetes, but also makes you avoid various chronic diseases in the future.

Now before it's too late, cheat how to prevent diabetes that you can apply starting today.

1. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Having the ideal weight is one way to prevent diabetes later in life. 

Because people who are obese (overweight) are at risk for this disease.

Obesity interferes with the work of metabolism which in turn makes cells in the body unable to respond to insulin properly. 

This results in your body becoming less or not at all sensitive to insulin, so there is insulin resistance that results in diabetes.

The results of clinical trials conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) also suggest this as a preventative measure for diabetes. 

In its report, the NIH said by losing weight, preventing diabetes by up to 58 percent.

In addition to preventing diabetes, losing weight also reduces the risk of chronic diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, liver disease, or bone disease.

2. Eat nutritious food

A good diet is another way to prevent diabetes. 

The reason is, these precautions can help you control your ideal body weight so that the risk of diabetes will decrease.

During this time most people tend to be accustomed to eating fatty foods, high sugar, and all-round processions (fast food or canned). 

Now, to prevent diabetes, you need to reorganize food choices like this.

How to prevent diabetes by adjusting the diet is actually not difficult. 

You just need to make sure your dinner plate always contains a variety of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, good fats, and vitamins and minerals.

You can get vitamins, minerals, fiber that is good for the body from vegetables and fruit. 

Meanwhile, you can get protein from eggs, tofu, tempeh, lean meat, and fish.

How to prevent diabetes is not only limited to ensure nutrition to eat. 

Diabetes prevention measures can also be done by reducing consumption of white rice as a source of carbohydrates. 

Every now and then try other carbohydrates that are healthier but still filling, such as brown rice, corn, or sweet potatoes.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the portion of sugar, salt, and oil added to cooking so that your results in preventing diabetes become more optimal.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health warns people to consume a maximum of 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 5 tablespoons of oil in one day.

Remember, what you eat affects the way your body works. So, from today make sure you are wiser in choosing what you consume to prevent diabetes.

3. Pay attention to the portion of the meal
The next step to prevent diabetes is to measure daily food portions. 

Especially if you are accustomed to eating white rice. 

The reason is, foods that contain high calories, such as white rice if eaten in large quantities can increase body weight.

Of course you already understand that maintaining weight is part of diabetes prevention.

If you find it difficult to switch from white rice to other carbohydrate alternatives, try starting to trim your portion of rice little by little.

Tactics for how to prevent diabetes is successful, eat using smaller plates. 

Eating with a small plate makes you unconsciously so you have to reduce the portion of the meal less than usual.

Ideally, it's better to eat a little but often rather than having to eat large amounts at once. 

In addition to causing stomach upset, most foods can also cause weight gain and blood sugar which ultimately triggers diabetes.

In addition, diabetes prevention measures can also be done by getting used to eating 3-4 servings of vegetables for one meal and 2-3 servings of fruit in one day.

4. Exercise regularly

Physical activity, including exercise, which is done regularly can be used as a powerful way to prevent diabetes. 

diabetes prevention measures can burn fat and stimulate body cells more sensitive to insulin.

Insulin is a hormone produced by pancreatic beta cells to regulate blood sugar levels. 

If the amount is inadequate or the function is not working properly, diabetes can occur.

As much as possible take the time to take diabetes prevention measures at least 30 minutes a day. 

In fact, you do not have to force yourself to go to the gym to exercise, you can choose mild exercise at home.

There are many types of physical activity that are proven to prevent diabetes in overweight adults. 

Various choices of sports are running, swimming, cycling, basketball, badminton, or lifting weights.

In addition to sports, diabetes prevention measures can also be done by increasing activities that make the body move more actively, for example choosing to take the stairs or walk.

5. Reduce watching TV and playing gadgets

Now many application providers streaming movie and TV series services that can be downloaded on cellphones or laptops. 

No wonder people are increasingly tempted to spend hours and hours watching favorite shows.

However, did you know if reducing TV viewing habits could be a way to prevent diabetes?

A study in the Pediatric Academic Societies reports that adults who are accustomed to watching TV for more than 3 hours every day are at high risk of dying prematurely due to chronic diseases, including diabetes.

This risk is not only found in adults, but also in children in the 2015 study. 

Kindergarten children who are accustomed to watching TV 1-2 hours a day are at risk of up to 60 percent overweight.

This effect is thought to arise because this habit can cause obesity if combined with snacking. Instead of watching TV all day, it's better to take the time to take diabetes prevention measures by going to the park, playing with pets, or gardening.

6. Drink enough water

Preventing diabetes can be done by reducing the consumption of sugary drinks, such as soda, energy drinks, and fruit juice packs). 

Now, instead of drinking sweet things, it's better to just drink water.

Drinking water can help you prevent diabetes because water does not contain sugar so it will not increase blood sugar levels. 

How to prevent diabetes makes the body's cells respond to insulin properly. Water is also a powerful way for you not to consume too many sugary drinks.

In addition to preventing diabetes, drinking enough water also prevents dehydration and keeps diabetic patients from managing symptoms and preventing complications.

Now, so that you are accustomed to consuming water to prevent diabetes, start by bringing your own drinking bottle wherever you go. 

In addition, also provide drinking water on your desk or in your bedroom.

7. Stop smoking

Smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence, even diabetes. 

In fact, type 2 diabetes is the type of diabetes most commonly experienced by smokers.

To prevent diabetes, you need to stop smoking. 

In a review study in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed several large studies of smoking and diabetes.

Active smokers have a 44 percent higher risk of diabetes than nonsmokers. The risk increases by 61 percent if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day.

Apparently, smoking can thicken stomach fat, including in people who are not obese. 

The accumulation of belly fat is also one of the factors causing diabetes.

If you are an active smoker, there is no better way to prevent diabetes than stopping smoking. 

Although preventing diabetes through this method is not easy, you can start trying to reduce it gradually.

Begin to implement this method of preventing diabetes by reducing one cigarette a day and the next day adding two more. 

And so on until you really can stop smoking altogether.

Sometimes, the desire to smoke can re-emerge because of stress or boredom. 

However, you can work around this by blowing up straws or eating low-sugar gum so that your plan to prevent diabetes runs smoothly.

The benefits not only prevent diabetes, stopping smoking also helps maintain your overall body health. 

Diabetes prevention measures not only by stopping smoking, but also avoiding cigarette smoke from people around you.

8. Reduce sugar

Research shows that consuming excess sugar and refined carbohydrates can increase the risk of diabetes. 

That is why, limiting consumption of sweet foods can be a surefire way to prevent diabetes.

Actually, sugar does not directly cause diabetes. 

However, most sweet foods can cause weight gain because sugar is addictive. 

For those of you who like sweets, limiting the portions is the best diabetes prevention even though it might not be easy.

Like sweet foods can not because of habit, but generally because of "fad". 

But, you dont have to worry. Strategy by storing sweet snacks in places that are difficult to reach, or store in a locked box and then store in a remote place that requires extra effort to reach them.

Now to satisfy the cravings of snacking, place healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains in easily accessible locations, such as on the dining table. 

This tactic is generally successful in preventing diabetes in people who like sweet foods.

9. Avoid things that make you crave sweet foods

The desire for sweet foods usually arises when you are stressed or in a bad mood. 

By eating sweet foods, most people assume a better mood and less stress.

However, this action is contrary to your intention to prevent diabetes. 

The reason, there is a possibility you eat sweet foods in large quantities.

So, how to prevent diabetes for sweet food lovers you can do by avoiding stress. 

Perform other activities that can reduce stress while helping to prevent diabetes such as reading books, exercise, or chatting with friends.

10. Don't miss eating

Preventing diabetes can be done by reducing many eating habits. 

However, that does not mean you can skip meals. 

Especially for those of you who like sweet food.

This habit does not help you prevent diabetes, but instead makes it crazy to eat more sweet foods. 

This happens because you hold back hunger so that your appetite becomes greater.

Diabetes prevention is very important to do as early as possible considering that this disease can affect anyone and can not be cured. 

If you have difficulty implementing ways to prevent diabetes, especially if you belong to a risk group, consulting a doctor will be very helpful.